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Introducing a New Way of Succeeding for the Woman Leader Who’s Ready to Live a Soul-Driven Life.


Most driven women have a high level of awareness.  You know what parts of life, biz and leadership are working, and you also have a hunch about what's not working.

Scores of women like you are discovering that living out of sync with their inner compass is depleting, disheartening and a vitality zapper, (which of course doesn't lead to the intended results and level of impact you'd anticipated).

So, if you're one of these women, what exactly does your SOUL have to do with your next steps?

Leading a soul driven life is the collaboration of your instincts, purpose, heart and innate gifts as a woman.  It is the rise of a new model that doesn’t require you to divorce yourself from who you are or to operate in your “masculine” self at all times to survive. 

It means you finally get to be fully expressed and succeed on your own terms.  It means freedom, flow, and fulfillment on a regular basis, because you know exactly what to do to set it up in your life.  Consistently.

There’s an awakening happening worldwide--an awareness that we need to be gentler with our resources, go green and create new solutions for daily challenges- that the old way is causing global depletion. 

There’s a growing demand for accountability and authenticity in business as evidenced by CEO earnings being accessible to the public.  There’s an increasing cry for work/life balance in major corporations who are now exploring solutions like job sharing, remote offices and teleconferencing. 

These are all signs that we’re on the cusp of a remarkable shift toward conscious living.


You’ve worked hard and studied well, unfortunately the business and life models that you were taught, may not serve your long-term sustainability.  The good news is that even though you’ve mastered this other model, you’re a fast learner and have a strong desire to thrive in your life. 

The way the old model looks is something like this: 

  • Working long hours without breaks
  • Being driven by a never-ending to do list
  • Feeling “split”- having a very different work persona than your home persona
  • Having great success in your career at the sacrifice of your personal life
  • Yearning to take more time for things that really matter to you and people you love

Luckily, I have a knack for helping women integrate their soul’s wisdom into the everyday. From infusing career & leadership with a deeper sense of purpose, to creating systems and environments that cultivate peace, creativity and freedom. 

In fact, I’ve created a unique, Soul Moxie Success System that’s designed to create your personal formula for living and leading authentically and successfully.  A strategy all your own. 

Once you find your new rhythm, you’ll have tools to thrive not just for a day, but for a lifetime.

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In a client's words...

Robin, you helped me be more productive, energized and less stressed in my career, creating more time for what I love personally!

I'm so excited to tell you how our conversations have helped me in the last few weeks. I’ve really felt more alive than I have in months. And I believe that has everything to do with our discussions, your encouragement and how both have helped me to fuel this new focus on what’s important to me. Thank you for that. And now, for a couple highlights:

Last week we interviewed 72 students in back-to-back interviews over two and a half days and the following week had to read through 250 applications – a major time of orchestration for us. In the past I’ve had bouts of insomnia before, during and after, but this year I made a point to meditate every evening and I slept wonderfully! This was a huge success for me, all brought about from this shift in perspective.

As a result, I was less depleted by both of these “big” weeks at work, which let me pick up my fulfilling, enriching hobbies again immediately (as opposed to being comatose for a good 48 hours before re-joining the land of the living). So hooray for great steps toward balance!

I also had insight to how my creativity gets inspired—one of the best things to do is allow my mind to be at peace. The strategies we created allow me to be in a receptive frame of mind and then I happen to come across one line or idea, that sparks a rush of curiosity or excitement. How liberating!


Finally, I’ve also been having lots of fun with the journal you sent me. Thank you again. It’s such a nice, free, playful format that it’s been really fun to open up to. I went through many of the pages and have continued to think about them even when I’m away from the journal. I love the idea of collecting images that are meaningful to me. In fact, it spurred me to get into further action.

So THANK YOU. Already I am seeing the positive physical, mental and emotional affects of being more true to myself. And I’m simultaneously more productive! Work has been going great and I completed a new short story that my critique group will be giving me feedback on tonight. Funny how moving the focus away from results has succeeded in producing more of them.

katy c, scholarship program director * denver, colorado


robin peglow berg     303.282.1077     robin(at)SoulMoxie(dot)net 

*inspiring women nation-wide from denver, colorado*

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Vision for Soul Moxie

To create a movement amongst women leaders in Denver (and potentially nationally) in which they live and work from their personal Soul Moxie Success Formula to experience remarkable freedom, flow and fulfillment.  As a result, these women create powerful collaborative contribution while leveraging their formula, and therefore uplift and inspire others to do the same.  It has broad and growing impact. 

Robin Peglow Berg