Congrats- You've either RSVP'd that you're attending an upcoming event or are an official member of the Soul Adventures Club!

If you've joined, please know I'm so delighted to have you in the Club and am incredibly excited all the possibilities the Soul Adventure Club offers us as a collective, right here in Denver.  You're in good company-- we have a great group shaping up already!

ACTION item: Though most information will be posted here, I'll send you emails now an then with information, special updates, or questions to ponder. To be sure you get all necessary communications from me, please add my name (Robin Peglow Berg) and email address ( into your contact database of your email system (Outlook, Entourage, Gmail, etc...). (Otherwise my emails might be blocked or lost in your SPAM folder.)



This is the INFO PAGE, the place to return to regularly when you are seeking program updates, and all the juicy program details so you know when and where all the fun is happening.

It is up to you to stay up on any breaking news (i.e. if we're doing an outdoor event and it is raining, come to this page for the Rainy Day Plan.)

Please let me know of any additional information you'd like to see here and I'll be sure to cover it!

Again you are welcome to bring a different friend each time (one visit per friend, and then they can choose whether they'd like to join the club. The more the merrier!)

Also, if there are any really cool adventures you think the club might be interested in, by all means, share 'em with me!

Finally, something to know about me, is that I really like to honor people's time.  It is my intention to start events on time, so please be sure to arrive at/before the start time OR let me know you'll be coming at _____AM/PM and when possible, I'll let you know where we'll be.


Upcoming Soul Adventures Club details: 

Friday June 22nd- Denver Botanic Gardens

 Location: 1007 York Street Denver, CO 80206

Start time: 9am meet in the Gift Shop/ Entrance of the Botanic Gardens

Parking. Free lot parking- enter from either York or Josephine

Open to guests? Yes though RSVP required-- Open to ALL who wish to attend

What to bring/ wear:

  • Wear sunscreen and something comfy (there is full sun exposure on the walkways)
  • Bring water/drink and a bag lunch to each while we're there

Admission: $12.50 entrance fee to the Gardens (unless you're a member)

Details and registration/ RSVP here:


 Happy Spring (Almost summer!)