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Want calm vitality? (other?) Energy Mastery step one

June 24, 2022
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~Energy Mastery~
Step One 
toward Calm Vibrance
(or other desired energy)

(and away from cranky fatigue!)


What’s drains and boosts you? What kind of energy do you WANT?


Energy management is a many layered conversation. In honor of time, here's short intro.


A good basic definition by Oxford Languages:
“Energy is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.”


Yet it’s not simply about having strength— any woman leader, especially having navigated COVID times (or parenting), can muscle through just about anything!

You got GRIT girl!


Vitality gets a little closer to the mark.


However, it’s still missing a key part-- Soul Spark.


A more complete description of energy integrates strength, vitality AND Soul Spark--that sense of inner light --how you feel when you feel nourished and "filled up" in your Soul. 

Without that inner light, life feels kind of “meh.”


So how do you shift from “Meh” to “Yeah!”?


My favorite first step – – awareness. It requires that we start paying attention to the things that not only drain our energy but also give us energy.


With a little reflection we have a massive opportunity to shift.

When is the last time you moved through the day observing the impact of each activity, choice, food or Soul Nourishment on your energy?


It’s not about judging ourselves or our lives with a bunch of shoulds.
Just notice with willingness to see.


Explore the possibility of creating your energy on purpose.


Here are some ideas of how to play with energy:

  • Set up your nighttime ritual with morning in mind…what would you need to do in the PM to have calm yet vibrant energy in the AM?
  • Delegate/outsource a task that is SUPER draining to you. (Even once a month feels supportive!)
  • Add in “Soul Nourishment,” i.e. time in nature, a short walk or call with a friend for upliftment.
  • Arrange your daily tasks to include a mix of energy IN and energy OUT. (Don’t do five things in a row that are energy-draining. Throw in a handful of energy-giving practices too.)


Overall, the biggest message:
Whatever your energy is now, you have the choice, ability, and power to craft it to best serve your life and leadership.

It is possible. 

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Robin Berg


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