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Soul Moxie Cafe- Teleseminar premiere- Want to listen to the recording?

Posted by Robin Berg on Wednesday, July 28, 2010, In : Updates/ News 

Hooray!  Celebrating the completion of my first teleseminar from my premiere of Soul Moxie Cafe-- lunchtime programs to help you live the life you love!  Click the link if you want to listen to the recorded seminar-- Thriving in the Face of Challenges: 5 Strategies You Wish you Knew 5 Years Ago.

If you like what you hear, be sure to get details and Register for the remaining FREE programs.
Wed., August 18th, 12-1pm MST
How to Create and Maintain Professional Momentum
Upgrade Your Personal and Pro...

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Go For It! The time is now

Posted by Robin Berg on Monday, July 26, 2010, In : Motivation 

Go For It!  The time is now!

We all have a little seed inside, a seed of inspiration.  Perhaps we were born with it or maybe it showed up later in life.  It's that thing that lights a fire in your belly when you think about the possibility of it.  When you imagine that it might happen in your life, you can't help but smile and feel a flutter of excitement. 

What are you waiting for?

Though everything is about choices and timing, if not now, when?  (However, it is possible that dreaming ...

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Keep Moving! Oct 2003

Posted by Robin Berg on Monday, July 19, 2010, In : Strategies 

Keep Moving- A tool for motivation and energy
Part One

The Chain Reaction
If you sit at a desk or are generally in one location throughout the course of the day, break it up! Every hour get out of your chair and move around, shake it baby, shake it! The progression looks a little like this: you sit for a long time in one spot, the blood pools to your lower body, your muscles stiffen around your joints, your low back fatigues, and shoulders roll forward causing the muscles in between the shoulder...

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A Time Saving and Effectiveness Strategy - July 10th

Posted by Robin Berg on Saturday, July 10, 2010, In : Strategies 
Check out this month's edition of my Soul Moxie Insights Video E-zine!

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About Robin:

Robin Peglow Berg of is a Life Fulfillment Strategist --a consultant, coach and speaker devoted to guiding others to have the courage to live a fulfilling life with soul.

She shows highly driven, successful women entrepreneurs and biz leaders how to create a new model for success that is energizing, deeply...

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The Fine Art of Alignment- Sept 2003

Posted by Robin Berg on Friday, July 9, 2010, In : Strategies 

The Fine Art of Alignment
September 2003

Consequences of Mis-Alignment
Being out of alignment in our lives can create strong “symptoms.” When this happens we may feel unhappy, frustrated, impatient, worried, confused, angry, discouraged, apathetic, or bored. Resultantly, we don’t always take the best care of ourselves, which ironically seems to compound the feelings.
Doing the Work
The learning path to alignment is filled with opportunities to grow, and takes as long as it takes. Good news! ...

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Robin Berg Like you, I’m on a journey. I’m passionate about learning and strive to transform life’s challenges into learning, so that I can evolve (sometimes ever-so-slowly) into the best version of myself. Like anyone, I’ve had my struggles, be it healing memories from the past, navigating health issues that folded into fertility issues or having a son who has a digestive disease/disorder and the constant vigilance that it requires. And all that I’ve learned I’m devoted to sharing…so that maybe some little tool, or a nugget of insight, or hope might support you in your journey to know your Self, your Soul and step into a life of feeling guided. I always say I “accidentally became spiritual” through practicing yoga. It’s true— it opened something in me that I didn’t know was there and caused me to see things I was formerly completely unaware of. I like it much better. So, for the ups and downs, the glimmers of things useful, I’m open to sharing. Feel free to let me know if something speaks to you. *Note: These past several years I’ve been focused on life as a Mama while maintaining thriving cozy coaching practice. Now, in 2020 I’m gearing up to start sharing and expanding again. Meanwhile feel free to check out posts on instagram @RobinPBerg and Facebook