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Your Most Important Committment...You-- Dec 2002 Part 2

Posted by Robin Berg on Thursday, May 27, 2010, In : Balance 

Your Most Important Commitment…You
December 2002--Part 2

8 tips to help you love YOUR life

  1. Review your top 5 priorities and put YOU on the list.
  2. As a continuation or Part 1's recommendation to "marry yourself"--write and say “new vows” to yourself…how you will love, honor and respect yourself forever…(or your own version!)
  3. When you can “see” a problem and are about to offer help, pause, breathe, remember your new vows and remain quiet. Consider the alternatives to you ...

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Growing Beyond Fear: Your role in becoming free

Posted by Robin Berg on Wednesday, May 19, 2010, In : Strategies 

Growing Beyond Fear:
Your role in becoming free
Have you ever had the experience of grappling with a challenge in life or a relationship and it feels like a battle between 2 or more sides or perspectives?  And you just want it to be made right-- to get what you want and /or have resolution!

In a recent article I read by Rabbi Rami Shapiro there were a couple lines that really struck me.  "...the true battle isn't between you and others, but between your self and your soul, between fear and l...

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A Special Birthday Gift to You: In Celebration of Living the Life You Love

Posted by Robin Berg on Wednesday, May 19, 2010, In : Updates/ News 

A Special Birthday Gift to You: In Celebration of Living the Life You Love


It’s amazing what a “benchmark birthday” will do for a person.  You can’t help but look back and think about the future. I’m right on the fringe of 40 and it’s the perfect time for me to regroup on life goals, values, and intentions for the upcoming decade.

If you’ve been reading my newsletter for a while, you’ve followed along with all of the stretching, bending and expanding I’ve had to do in o...

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Your Most Important Commitment...You-- Dec 2002- Part 1

Posted by Robin Berg on Thursday, May 13, 2010, In : Balance 

Your Most Important Commitment…You
December 2002- Part one

Everyone Else First!
Funny isn’t it that we are so willing to put other people or our career first, saving very little for ourselves? You might be driven…by your career, family or community obligations. Does everyone know you’re a hard worker, always there to help out, kind, giving, devoted? If a job needs doing, you’re the one! You may even feel you have “no time” for yourself, that you are sooo busy, you occasionally do...

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Your True Self: Finding Your Path- October 2002

Posted by Robin Berg on Friday, May 7, 2010, In : Mind, Body, Spirit 

 Your True Self: Finding Your Path
October 2002

Do You? . . .
Ever catch yourself saying what you think another person wants to hear rather than what you believe? Ever wear particular clothing because you feel you “should” and it is what others might expect, despite that it is not really “you?” Do you have a “secret” aspect of yourself that you don’t express for fear of being judged, rejected, criticized or unloved?

Only You Suffer
You may feel you are protecting yourself or othe...

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Shake the Brain Fog with this Rejuvenation Tip!

Posted by Robin Berg on Monday, May 3, 2010, In : Balance 

Soul Moxie Insights v-zine- May Edition-- a bi-monthly tip so you can live the life you love!

Click the image below to watch this month's tip!
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Falling Out of Overwhelm: Part 2 - Sept 2002

Posted by Robin Berg on Monday, May 3, 2010, In : Balance 

Falling Out of Overwhelm: Part 2

Here are a few more tips for moving out of overwhelm and INTO enjoying your life more fully...

Simple Shifts
You do not have to change everything in your life to find peace. Are there one or two obligations that you can trim back on? Are you willing to get up 10 minutes early and sit looking out the window or listen to music with your eyes closed? Are you willing to ask others for additional help or get your family more involved in household projects or cooking...

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