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Soulful Leader Qualities- Leadership expanded

Posted by Robin Berg on Wednesday, September 28, 2022, In : Soulful Leadership 

Soulful Leaders are everywhere. It's not limited to women in high power positions managing hundreds of people.

It's more about the qualities you LIVE BY that make you a leader.

Yes, Soulful Leaders often include C-Suite, V-Suite, managers and company owners.
AND -Can you be a Soulful Leader who is a writer, actor, consultant, solopreneur, parent or community member?

Leadership expanded.

My guess is that many women in the world are leaders without knowing it (or owning it.)
Once you disco...
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Soulful Leadership survey- What do YOU want?

Posted by Robin Berg on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, In : Soulful Leadership 

Let me start by saying that I believe I'm living my purpose in this life.

I'm inarguably drawn to serve and support women leaders around the topic of Soulful Leadership and all it entails. I feel compelled to share all I can.

AND I want to know what would best serve you. 
Amdist all the ideas in my mind and all the types of coaching models "out there," I want to know...what do YOU want?

Maybe you've been curious about Soulful Leadership and potentially connecting with other mindful Women Leaders ...
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What is Soulful Leader Lounge? Am I a Soulful Leader?

Posted by Robin Berg on Wednesday, August 17, 2022, In : Soulful Leadership 

Soulful Leader Lounge is a one-of-a-kind, collaborative leadership development gathering for Women Leaders.

It offers women support that is:
√ Objective
√ Compelling (maybe downright inspiring!)
√ Safe (limited group size, sacred space) 
√ Encouraging
√ Self-affirming (unveil gifts)
√ Mindful & accounts for your Self
√ Practical tool-based, yet intuitive

Never has there been a time in history where women have held so many leadership roles in the world (~often wildly under-supported)!

And ...

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