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When you’re aligned with your soul’s wisdom amazing things start to happen…  

  • Your life gains greater flow and momentum…

  • Your career honors your lifestyle and therefore becomes sustainable—without the risk of burnout

  • You feel guided by your knowing, which gives you an edge at the office (and in your home life!)…

  • You become incredibly resilient and resourceful to life’s challenges…

I’ve created a unique system for doing just this.  

And the journey begins with a Breakthrough Session.

What’s possible in this one-hour session is:

  • Discover how to leverage your intuition in your work and life for consistent, powerful outcomes (this is the new way of doing business ladies!)

  • Uncover the sustainability gaps in your work and home life: what may be holding you back from thriving long-term and how to transform them to your favor

  • Outline a plan of action to design your personalized soul-driven life blueprint for life-long, personal renewal and professional excellence.

This Breakthrough Session available to a select number of peopleeach month for $147.

Fair Warning! It’s my desire to help you listen to your intuitive knowing, identify opportunities that make your soul hum with delight and convert them into a personalized action plan to a life of greater freedom, fulfillment and sustainable success. Therefore this Breakthrough Session is specifically designed for women who are ready to invest in themselves, their future and start living life on their own terms.

If this feels like a “yes” to you (you know, when you feel a flutter in your belly or a sense of peace mixed with excitement / nervousness), then click the "Buy Now" button below.

Once your Breakthrough Session investment goes through, you'll immediately be directed to a webpage where you'll follow a link to select a time that works for you in my convenient online scheduler.  Looking forward to connecting with you!

"Working with Robin has helped me reconnect to my feminine and my heart, and helped me to rediscover what is really important in my life and where I want to focus my energy.  Having that little extra nudge to help me stay on track is immensely impactful."
amy c  cfo

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