Do you ever wonder what it would be like to really understand your intuition style and absolutely trust your intuition?

There were several times in my life when I didn't trust mine. 

One such time was when I was 27 and in a "terrific job."

I had great pay, great benefits, a great environment, amazing people to work with, and I got to be in the outdoors all summer with kids.

I kept trying to talk myself into loving my "great, lucky-to-have it" job.

I would say to myself: how good it was for me, that a person just couldn't get a better job in this economy and it was the kind of job anyone would be thrilled to have.

So why was I so stressed and unhappy?

Simply put, it wasn't the best job for ME and deep down I knew it.

I ignored the signs and my instincts for over 2 years and suffered for it.

I felt lost, "blue," uncertain, disconnected from my heart (and relationships in general), and simply put, I felt like something was not right in my life.

This really prevented me from moving forward in my life and held me back from finding true love, doing work that was my soul's calling and creating a life on my own terms.

Finally I listened to my inner voice.

I left that "great" job to pursue a different career path and move to across the country.

With $500 in my pocket I drove to Denver CO where I knew just two people, had no job and wasn’t quite sure if I was going to stay or keep driving to CA. 

Again, I trusted my Self, chose to stay in Denver and now, 11 years later, I’m delighted with the life that's resulted from my "listening," including an impassioned career and a husband I've waited my whole life for!

It was scary yet I was so thrilled to trust myself and take the leap.

Thirteen years later, I trust my intuition and ultimately myself, more and more in every way.

Each day, I follow my intuition (some people call it gut feelings, hunches, nudges, etc...) in nearly everything I do, be it writing, coaching, speaking, my love life and even my health.

This has created a greater sense of ease, peace and a deeper sense of connection to my Self, my husband, my work, my friends and yep, even my pets. LOL!

I'm not perfect at it, but you don't have to be to see incredible results.

My intuition is like my internal GPS! It prevents me from getting lost as I once was and helps me make great decisions, every time.

Things like...
• I finally "get" what it FEELS like to make a right decision for myself (this helps know what to look for and what signs to trust)


• I know when to use my rational mind and when to tell it to take a hike so that my intuition can give me the wisdom I need and when I need it (instead of feeling bound by my "thinking, intellectual" mind)

• I can tell the difference between my intuition, my fears and my wishful thinking (super important if you want to be able to trust yourself and make better decisions every single time)
Guess what? You can too.

As a result of my 20 + years of studying intuition and the different ways it shows up for women, I found I've got quite a knack for helping women discover their personal intuitive styles.

Want to know how to do it for yourself?  This is it.

Just as we all look different, have different interests and talents, and see the world differently, the way intuition shows up can totally vary too.

Like my client Ellie…after a session with me she found out that she has an incredible ability to tune in to the “vibe” of things, and then actually attract certain experiences, people or opportunities to her.

For me, I tend to have relevant images, words or ideas “pop” into my mind.  This happens frequently while coaching, providing a deeper experience and insight for my clients.

Our intuition is the GPS we were born with and it can become the single most useful tool we've got at our disposal. I wish I'd known mine 15 years ago!

Ready to Discover Your Intuitive Style?

It's THE SECRET to making right decisions, every time. 

As an intelligent woman, when you know (and trust) your intuitive style:
  • You experience self-trust and confidence like never before
  • You know how to make room for both intellect and intuition, and it makes you VERY, very powerful manifestor (in a good way)
  • It gives you confidence to take the RIGHT risks  - be it at work, giving feedback to someone, trying something new or giving that different kind of guy a chance
  • It helps you tap into what I call  "advanced communication" skills, especially as it relates to relationships at work and at home, and even leading others
  • It gives you the ability to see patterns, nuances and opportunities that others who only use their intellect, are unable to "see"
  • You stop talking yourself out of things and what you THINK is right or you "should" do versus what you KNOW is right for YOU (friend, that isn't a logic thing!)
  • You, more and more, say goodbye to regret and guilt as you realize your "truth," your "knowing" isn't open for debate. It just is.

--and finally, it frees you from always following everyone's advice and, once and for all, you have a clear path to confidently listen to your own wisdom.

If you're finally ready to discover how to make the right decision for you, every single time, by using the tools you were born with, then keep reading! 

Discover Your Intuitive Style Breakthrough Program:

In only 3 sessions:

  • I'll help you nail down your unique intuitive style, how it shows up, what it looks like, what it feels like and how to know for sure (and I'll answer any questions you might have about intuition. There are no dumb questions.)
  • You'll discover practical ways to develop your intuition, making it stronger, clearer and more reliable
  • You'll feel more confident about how to use your intuition in the areas that matter most to you - your career, your love life, your family, and even your body.

Normally for this kind of program and exclusive attention, I would charge at least $299.

I want to make it easy-easy for you to do something important for yourself this year, easy for you to feel the sense of new beginnings, and easy for you to gain tools to make your best decisions into the future.

How's 25% sound?  You invest $225 in yourself, I'll invest my unique expertise and attention in you.

Yes, I'd love to Discover my Intuitive Style

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Best wishes,


PS - Listen to your intuition, would ya? You might have gotten goosebumps while reading, felt like there was a happy buzz in your heart or belly- felt excited to be understood and have a safe place to talk about your innate gifts, or felt a deep craving for knowing and understanding, or maybe you heard the word "Yes!" or you saw a mental image of yourself using your new tools with great outcomes. It shows up in all kinds of ways. Start trusting yourself now. You deserve to invest in yourself and the most powerful tools you were born with.

I'm IN! Sign me up!


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