Meet Robin

In a nutshell, here's my "formal" background. I:

  • pursued Art in undergrad- metal smithing and painting
  • was one of the first graduates of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition program in NYC (revelatory)
  • received an M.A. in Experiential and Adventure Education (thesis focus: how to create lasting change)
  • am a yoga instructor of 15+ years 
  • have created innumerable hours of coaching and leadership content and shared it 1:1, in small groups through teleseminars/women's series/private retreats, as well as via large corporate presentations
  • I am a self published author and it changed my life
  • I've been coaching steadily since 2000

Currently it's essential to me to continue to learn, grow and evolve as an individual and leader, but also as a wife, and a parent (now there's a learning curve!) I'm always seeking to deepen my spiritual practice as well as its practical application in a modern, active and tech-heavy world.

And then I choose to take that learning and share whatever insights might support others in "waking up" to their own learning and journey.

I'm a devoted Mama to a 1st grade boy who is smart as a whip with a future in negotiations combined with perhaps a touch of  math, art and design. 

I've been told I'm easy to talk to and am really authentic (translated: I say it straight, share my vulnerabilities and can lack a filter!)

Married since 2008, I'm creating a life with an awesome man while growing while navigating all the stuff that "awakens" while in relationship. Ha!

Overall my wish is to be present- to not get swept away by the everyday, the tech that's always in my pocket, plans for the future and worries about the past. A lot like everyone else.

However what I suppose makes me different:

  • I know my path. I know this is the work I'm meant to do. It is an honor and incredibly energy-giving to be a Soul Coach and I'm so glad I had the courage to live it.
  • Keen insight to others, immediately
  • I'm an extroverted introvert. I can be with people AND I generally get energy from being alone. 
  • An early AM, daily dedicated meditation practice
  • Deep understanding of the impact of foods on mental clarity, mood, energy levels, sleep, creativity and essentially how to choose the mood you want via food
  • A constant yearning for creation be it writing, painting Soul Portraits, making pottery, learning origami with my son, or designing new program ideas. I'm built to create.
  • I know myself really well. The challenge of my "highly sensitive" self is all the "too much" of the world- stimuli, sound, smells, LED lights! The immense benefit is my intuition that delivers "unseen" and (generally) accurate insights in the service of my self, family and clients.

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