Why do I specialize in working with creative Women Leaders?

Although I’ve enjoyed working with a broad variety of people, I’ve discovered I do my best work with women leaders who embody the following traits:

√  Outliers: My best clients can blend with “mainstream” but tend towards a non-traditional lifestyle. They are highly conscious consumers, and love things with a little quirk.

√  Creative Spark: My best clients are “creatives” in how they approach life and the world. They love to create something out of nothing, and inadvertently designing unconventional solutions. Bringing innovative ideas to life inspires them.

√  Delight in Differences: My best clients are fired up by differences- travel, cultures and viewpoints, and thrive in serving as a “translator” of sorts,  bridging diverse parties together through collaboration, art, and projects.

√  Sustainability: My best clients enjoy the interplay of energy, power, and purpose, (their own and in the world), and exploring how to thrive in the world without the typical overworking and exhaustion common to creative women who lead.

√  Growth-mindset: My best clients are lifelong learners who hunger for new ideas, feedback and collaborative interactions. They make time for growth; they feel it is essential.

√  Soulful Seeker: My best clients seek an intentional life and crave to bring their authentic selves to all they do while making a difference.

√  Intuitive: My best clients have great instincts in one or more areas of life. I.e. they “read” people well, they have a “gut feeling” about best solutions or know when a candidate is a “No” even when they look good on paper. (And they may not realize it is intuition!)

Many of my clients are:

  • Professional consultants, creatives, designers, artists, writers, performers

  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs

  • Women leaders, corporate managers, executives, members of key staff

Does this resonate with you?

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