Program Details

Clients who most enjoy Soul Moxie programs thrive using a collaborative, reflective approach. I use intuitive listening to discover deeper truths and ask questions that compel reflective and fresh thinking. We explore new actions that resonate with you that you can experiment with. 

Soul Moxie Coaching is a partnership, not only between you and I but between all the parts of you- the roles you fill and your Soul. The other KEY piece of this process, is the practical application. It has to be useful in a real-world way-- weaving together the concept of "soul" with modern, professional life and responsibilities.

What you can gain via a Soul Moxie program:

  • Identify your personal Intuitive Style (how you gather information), and learn to make your best choices that nourish, uplift and move you toward your desired Future Self
  • Learn a structured and flexible system to put Soul at the hub of your life (which leads to greater  peace, purpose, confidence and flow)
  • Get to the root of obstacles and make new choices
  • Create an inspiring vision, break it into small steps that are easy to say "yes" to
  • Take action. Consistently.
  • Support (You're usually the support-giver, right? You get to receive!)
    • you have a place to "show up", be seen, heard and celebrated
    • receive consistent connection via email, text, social media posts for inspiration
  • Unveil and transform (otherwise hidden) gifts, talents, quirks, and passions into strengths, confidence and purpose
  • Resources on a wide variety of Soul related tools such as:
    • meditation (sitting, walking, cooking, biking...)
    • basic quantum physics and principles to manifest/attract desired outcomes
    • inspirational materials to uplift and maintain motivation
    • books, exercises and practices to cultivate intuition for everyday use
    • Essential oils and blends to support peace, energy, focus, health...

Does this resonate with you? 

Structurally, ALL current coaching programs incorporate:

  • Coaching by phone-- you can be anywhere in the world, schedules permitting! (via phone, FaceTime audio or WhatsApp audio)
  • 30-minute strategy session to set intentions and objectives for your Soul Moxie Program
  • 55 minute coaching sessions -generally start out weekly and then move to every other week. (Longer-term clients have greater schedule flexibility once in the groove.)
  • A mini-intuitive "reading" each call (based on my pre-call meditation-insights that feel important.)
  • Follow-up summary notes, actions & intuitive reading insights emailed to you after every call. (Allows you to be fully present vs. taking notes.)
  • Unlimited email communication between calls-with 24-48 hr reply
  • Ongoing group and personal outreach/ support/ inspiration via email, text, social media

Two private coaching program options: 

(Check back in 2020 for additional options!)

Jump Start 

An ideal program for anyone who just needs a nudge to be off and running.   After your Breakthrough and Strategy Sessions, you receive four follow up phone Soul Coaching Sessions to enhance and synthesize your learning, and to establish independent next steps.


Steady Progress

An ideal program for those wanting to dive in, have plenty of support and time for a natural unfolding. After your Breakthrough and Strategy Sessions, you receive 10 follow-up phone Soul Coaching Sessions. This occurs over approximately 5 months and allows time to create a working version of your personalized Soul Moxie Formula. We'll also explore your Intuitive Style to help you identify your style of information gathering and what a strong "yes" feels like for reliable decision-making.

Ongoing Executive Soul Coaching is a powerful option for individuals who are a symbiotic match and enjoy the ongoing support and collaborative reflective process as they continue action toward achieving their bigger dreams and setting up a rock solid Soul Driven life. 

Discover which program is best for you and book your Breakthrough Session today!

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*inspiring women around the globe from denver, colorado*

Robin Berg

coaching since 1999
"Robin is 100% on my side, unlike feedback from friends, family and even other professionals who have their own biases.  That does not mean she tells me everything I want to hear, frequently the opposite, but her expert guidance allows me to understand what is my best choice, my best path forward and what is best for me." 
Kelly W-Environmental Leader and Entrepreneur 

Is Soul Coaching a match for me?

Am I:

  • finding the new "work culture" challenging to navigate? What motivates them?
  • a hard-working leader AND I think I might possibly be teetering on burnout?
  • tired of working SO hard yet feeling out of sync with my self and priorities?
  • craving more purpose and meaning in daily life and relationships?
  • yearning for a life that is "energy-giving" and WAY less depleting?
  • willing to learn, grow, and try on new ideas and take action?
  • curious about how my intuition works and how it could enhance my career and confidence?
  • feeling like there's never enough time for problem solving and creative thinking (and a bunch of other things!)?
  • drained from living a "split life"- a work self and a true "private" Self? I suspect that I could be happier if I were my True self full-time.
  • feeling ready to work with not just a Soul Coach, but an Executive/Leadership Coach, who offers a personalized, collaborative approach to help me design the kind of life and leadership I want!