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An Executive Woman on our
Canyon de Chelly Leadership Retreat

Why provide a Leadership Retreat to your Women Executives?

This Program Provides:

  • A rich opportunity for driven, successful women leaders to increase their success through further developing their Leadership skills and how to be compelling to their teams.
  • A four day individualized and collective process which addresses Leadership core issues such as: developing a clear vision, growing followers, and getting dynamic results with the support and contribution of others.
  • The opportunity to utilize daily reflection as well as identify desired retreat achievements. Therefore, an important segment is dedicated to participants’ development plans to support their goal accomplishment.
  • A purposeful group environment that encourages the sharing of best practices and receiving of valuable insights to increase their awareness level.

How this Program benefits organizations:

  • Leaders will gain a deep understanding of themselves. As a result, they identify their essential tools and strategies for achieving their desired success while honoring who they are, and best serving their organization.
  • Leaders will enhance their effectiveness personally and professionally by aligning with the strategy and values of their organization. They learn to leverage innate talents as well as their best methods to manage challenges.
  • Leaders will also address the obstacles that could prevent them from being successful.  They will learn four core Leadership skills to navigate obstacles: **Congruence: how to genuinely express their experience and take full responsibility for it (not blaming others for their own mistakes).
    **Active Listening: an essential leadership skill--participants will have many opportunities as a group to develop their listening skills as well as their ability to understand others in their own words and reality.
    **Empathy: the skill of choice to “grow” others—the ability to relate to another’s experience.  It will be practiced in different settings: Peer Coaching sessions, the Vision game exercise and peer discussions.
    **Unconditional Positive Regard: how to turn a threat into an opportunity and eliminate judgments that alter and even block the work relationship. 
  • All participants design realistic, manageable and measurable action plans for ongoing personal and professional development.
  • This retreat offers an excellent alternative solution to short-term coaching and maximizing abilities and insights.

Program Approach

This program is intentionally led in a natural environment with limited resources, and in cooperation with Native Americans

The program is a combination of experiential practices, reflective exercises, group and one on one conversation. This retreat provides significant interaction with Native Americans who enlighten participant reflection with life knowledge and spirituality, which is embedded in the concept of “Beauty.” This provides a perfect balance between Spirit, Mind, Body and Emotion.

The program is broken into various segments for maximum and lasting impact and to provide a unique customized experience.

The Retreat Team

Edith Samouillet- Turning points LLC

With her company Turning points, Edith Samouillet specializes in leadership development and executive coaching. Her approach is embedded in a partnership with Navajo Native American knowledge and wisdom. The company was founded by Edith Samouillet, Senior Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach. Edith’s 20 years of international Leadership development with global corporations led her to design this integrated program to help leaders to link their personal growth with the success of their organization.


Robin Peglow Berg- Soul Moxie

In her company Soul Moxie, Robin Peglow Berg accesses a unique blend of tools-- partnering a Masters degree in Experiential and Adventure Education, with Holistic Health Coaching, and 10-years of Yoga instruction, for a whole life approach to success and fulfillment.  Robin has been devoted to inspiring women leaders nation-wide since 1999.  Whether coaching, teaching, training or speaking to diverse groups, Robin shows driven women how to design new models for success and leadership that are energizing, deeply meaningful and help them thrive no matter what.


Daniel Staley- Owner of De Chelly Tours

Daniel Stanley is the owner of De Chelly Tours and is a certified Navajo Guide.  He works closely with his team to create an experience of a lifetime for participants--whether through leading breathtaking hikes, sharing Navajo traditions or incorporating the subtleties of spirit and soul in the Canyon de Chelly.


Dates and Investment

Sunday September 11, 2011 at 4:00 PM MDT
Friday September 16, 2011 at 11:00 AM MDT

These dates have been set this way on purpose to make sure that participants will not be away from their workplace more than a week.
Group size: 8 to 12 participants (maximum)


General Registration Rate: $2497 per participant all inclusive (Food, Camp accommodation, transportation from Chinle Visitor Center in and out the Canyon, Jeep transportation within the Canyon)

In the case of several participants from the same company, we can discuss additional bonuses, such as a group follow-up session to refresh and deepen learning.

Please contact Edith or Robin for additional information and to arrange payment details.  (All registrants must be paid in full prior to the start of the retreat on Sept 11, 2011.)


Additional retreat details can be found at:


robin peglow berg     303.282.1077     robin(at)SoulMoxie(dot)net 

*inspiring women nationwide from denver, colorado*


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