What could Soulful Leadership

do for  you?

Leadership touches every part of our lives, from how we work, what we create, to how we communicate and spend our time. When we are in alignment with who we truly are and our how we Lead, it’s a game changer.

YOU can be a Souful Leader-a powerfully authentic, purpose-driven and mindful leader, trailblazing and creating a powerful ripple effect into the world.

With over 30 years of leadership and coaching experience, Robin offers a broad array of support to cultivate Soulful Leadership that is right for you or your organization. 

Whether a group program, 1:1 experience or a one-of-a-kind portrait, all my services are designed to develop soulful leadership, personally and professionally through aligned decision-making.

It all starts with a Soulful Leader Breakthrough Session to collaboratively explore what you most wish to create.

Private Coaching

Coaching offers a space of unobstructed growth and support. Unveil and unleash your unique Soulful Leadership style while training in new methods for aligned decision-making. This process of self re-discovery can enhance every aspect of your life as we customize and activate a program specific to you. *Regardless of your time zone, with virtual/phone coaching, we can work together, wherever you are.

Private coaching programs range from $2000-$4500.

*I reserve two sliding scale spaces in my practice to allow greater accessibility. We all deserve support! If you're motivated to do the deep dive, I'm open to exploring options. 🪷

Professional Workshops

The world and how business is done is changing. Professional organizations and corporations have an incredible opportunity to adapt and innovate around the ever-changing needs of those they serve. Topics can be customized to your organizations. 

Sample workshops include: 

  • Aligned Decision-Making in Leadership: A Breakthrough Tool 
  • Soulful Leadership: An Innovative Approach to Achievement
  • Energy Management Tools for Soulful Leadership
  • Thriving in the Face of Challenge 
  • Harnessing the Power of Your Mindset 
  • The Power of Being Present (in-person experiential workshop- post-COVID) 

Soul Portraits and Consigned Abstract Art

Soul Portraits: Soul energy has its own unique and beautiful footprint. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind visual interpretation of your Soulful Leadership energy and let it uplift and anchor you in your daily focus.

Consigned abstract art: Enjoy a personalized abstract painting that is in sync with your personal intentions and colors.


Soulful Leadership Readings

A snapshot of the moment, a glimpse into possibility, Soulful Leadership Readings offer insight and fuel for reflection and inner guidance as you navigate life, choices, purpose, and next steps. A reading is a “download” of sorts, a conversation where Robin asks your soul “What does she most need to know right now?”

Not sure what is the best step for your or your organization?

Contact me today or schedule a Breakthrough Session to clarify.

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