Soul Moxie Success Circle

Here's a recording of our Preview Call on Wed 3/30...

Attention: Driven women leaders (even if you don’t feel like a leader in this moment!) who are ready to elevate your leadership style for a whole new level of success (in and out of the office)...

What if you combined…
  One hour of your time / month
  + Surrounding yourself with dynamic, wise women leaders
  + New insights & success strategies about what it takes to succeed in life and work today
  ='s Greater freedom, flow, and fulfillment

You want in?


Create your leadership legacy, (and avoid burnout) by learning to revitalize your soul and reinvent how you live and lead.  For good.

“Discover how the simple things, the instinctive things, make the greatest positive impact on your life and the lives of others.  You’ll marvel at how easy—and rewarding—embracing your personalized success strategies can be!”  --Robin Berg


Do you want to…

  • Eliminate energy drains so you can function as your most vital self?
  • LIBERATE the very best version of YOU that results in the ability to...
  • Make positive impact like never before?
  • Experience achievement without depletion and negative repercussions?
  • Live a life that you’re truly proud of and brings you deep happiness?
  • Experience the celebrations & collaboration of other remarkable women?
  • Understand the cost of stress and unseat its power?

If you recognize your own goals in the list above, then your life is about to change.  You can now fuel your greatest life passions by adopting my super-simple, straightforward (yet riveting!) approach to success by joining the Soul Moxie Success Circle.


You’re invited to participate in the extraordinary coaching club, where I’ll share my top tried and true tips for cultivating success and fulfillment while eradicating limiting habits that keep you from a life you love.   I’ll personally support you on your courage-cultivating, strategy-rich journey towards Soulful Success.  And you’ll have access to secrets of women who live and lead with courage.

What you’ll notice is that when YOU invest in yourself and surround yourself with the right people, it pulls you forward and helps you continuously succeed and stay true to what’s right for you.  It starts with simply making time for yourself and being part of a community of other women like you.


Here are some of the topics we’ll be talking about

in the coming months:

  • Utilizing your masculine AND feminine “energies” to get desired results
  • Clarifying your vision so that your work feels deeply meaningful 
  • Using the Power of the Present moment for remarkable outcomes
  • Enhancing Flow in your every-day for greater ease and less resistance
  • Using your Mindset to shift outcomes and experiences
  • Discovering energy management secrets- eliminate energy drains and maximize energy



 Here’s what you need to know about Soul Moxie Success Circles
(and why it might not be what you’d expect)


Though there’s increasing awareness about professional coaching, here’s a little about my style:


Soul Moxie Group coaching is NOT:

• Group therapy
• A b*tch session
• A random cluster of forced relationships—you have many shared goals and interests and relationships tend to unfold naturally.  Innately, women leaders are skilled at connection.

Soul Moxie Group coaching is:
• Collaborative –surround yourself with driven women who live and lead with courage
• Interactive- You may wish to simply listen, however the circle is set up for sharing & contribution
• Supportive- you have access to not only me but also immense collective wisdom of the group
• A respectful, give-it-to-ya-straight approach for your growth and development
• An opportunity to receive coaching within a community for mutual benefit


What you receive by joining this Soul Moxie Success Circle:

  • One group coaching call per month.  Join the call live, ask questions and get "laser coaching", or simply listen.  We'll meet the second Wednesday of every month at lunchtime, 12pm Mountain Standard time to ensure your steady progress.
  • Audio recordings of every call for later replay & to deepen learning (or if you miss a call)
  • Occasional Bonus handouts to enhance learning and support lasting change
  • Surprise Monthly audio tips to promote progress, inspiration and consistency
  • Access to a community you would otherwise never meet!
  • 10+ years of my coaching, teaching, Health Counseling, and yoga-ing Know-how (both winning experiences and goof-ups) for your accelerated learning



 Soulful Success and Fulfillment Awaits You

What else might happen if you participate in the Soul Moxie Success Circle?

Countless clients of mine report that they experience a deep sense of peace and a quieting of their inner critic, inner worrier, inner work-horse-- making space for new-found, genuine happiness.  Often times they discover that they don’t actually need to quit their jobs or leave their relationships afterall…that deepening their relationship with themselves and re-creating “success” makes all the difference. 

Other women experience new levels of relationship with friends, family and career get unveiled as their awareness grows.  They talk a lot about feeling content, fulfilled and powerful—they know exactly what to do to manage themselves in the face of challenge and how to maintain when things are in a positive rhythm.



You’d think this would be wildly pricy.  It’s not.

Most coaching programs like this start at $97 per month. But I want to make it super easy for you to say YES to yourself and the future you want.

For only $37 each month, you will be investing in the life and self your soul is yearning for.

This includes:
  • One group coaching call per month- 2nd Wednesday, 12-1pm MST
  • MP3 Audio recordings of every call to listen whenever you want  
  • Bonus handouts via email for added insight
  • Surprise Monthly audio tips to promote progress
  • Access to a community you would otherwise never meet!
  • 10+ years of my experience for your accelerated learning.

While I recommend, that to see results, you commit to at least 90 days to six months of membership, you can quit your membership at any time you decide it's no longer for you.

I look forward to "seeing" you in the Soul Moxie Success Circle.

To your success and fulfillment,



P.S. Now you could certainly spend $37 a month on some sassy new sandals, the latest trend in fun jewelry, or a fab meal.  And while that is totally fine, it doesn’t move you forward.

P.P.S. This program is also open to uber cool men with whom this program resonates!  Trust yourself…