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Soul Moxie was born out of the intense belief that we all possess unique gifts and talents that, when activated, create a deep sense of internal confidence and fulfillment. 

When leaders tap into this, their positive impact is exponential and transformational.

As long as I can remember I have aspired to be the best version of myself. I strove for excellence, I worked hard and yet, despite being in a highly coveted job which I thought I always wanted, I was drained, discouraged and unhappy.

It was one of many “a-ha” moments —discovering that just because I was good at something, didn’t mean I enjoyed it.

A huge distinction for me.

So, with a big dose of courage, that was the moment I began to truly listen. I began listening to all those little “soul” nudges that were trying to guide me in a better (for me) direction.

Patterns emerged in myself and clients regarding the nudges.

There was huge distinction between listening to our instincts vs. not listening (and the accompanying outcomes)!

When I didn’t listen, when I pushed too hard, it compromised EVERY. PART. Of my life.

Slowly I began to re-orient my life around what was true for me, AND I learned to make decisions based on that truth.

An incredibly simple concept, it has transformed the way that I live, the type of work I do, how much and when I work, the friendships I invest in, what I eat. Everything.

That’s how I evolved into doing this energy-giving work I love.

Living in alignment also fuels my connection to the rest of my life. 

It inspires me to: 

  • Continue my devotion and growth in my marriage and family
  • Be authentic and present in my parenting to my sweet & spicy son Levi 
  • Deepen connection with beloved friends
  • Cherish my body as I navigate the dynamic unfolding of 50+

No life is “perfect,” don’t get me wrong. 

However, when I listen to and follow my inner wisdom and lean into my unique gifts and talents, I am remarkably resilient and willing to grow with all that life gives me.


Some highlights. Currently I’m a:

  • Graduate of SUNY Geneseo, Prescott College and IIN
  • Soulful Leader coach (professional coach since 1999!)
  • Author of Discover Your Intuitive Style: Simple Steps to Make a Right Decision Every Time
  • Soul artist of large-ish format acrylic paintings and soul portraits
  • Yoga instructor (on sabbatical after teaching 14 years)
  • Mama to a spirited, bright boy who is a professional negotiator in-the-making who also lives (mostly cheerfully) with EoE, a challenging digestive disease,
  • Wife to a fabulous, devoted and hard-working hubby who is a perfect yang to my yin.
  • Spiritually-minded HSP (highly sensitive person) living in beautiful Colorado, who is ever-seeking nature, peace, and flow amidst all that life gives us!
  • Meditation teacher to clients and others via the Insight Timer app

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