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Soul Moxie was born out of the intense belief that we all possess unique gifts and talents that when activated, create a deep sense of internal confidence and fulfillment, which then triggers a powerful ripple effect out into the world. Moreover, when leaders tap into this, their positive impact is exponential and transformational.

As long as I can remember I have aspired to be the best version of myself. I strove for excellence, I worked hard and yet, despite being in a highly coveted job which I thought I always wanted, I was drained, discouraged and unhappy.

It was one of many “a-ha” moments —discovering that just because I was good at something, didn’t mean I enjoyed it.

A huge distinction for me.

So, with a big dose of courage, that was the moment I began to truly listen. I began listening to all those little “soul” nudges that were trying to guide me in a better (for me) direction.

Gradually, I began to see patterns over and over in myself and clients, especially when it came to what happens when we don’t listen to our inner guidance system and our bodies.

When I didn’t listen, when I pushed too hard, it compromised EVERY. PART. Of my life.

Slowly I began to re-orient my life around what was true for me, AND I learned to make decisions based on that truth.

An incredibly simple concept, it has transformed the way that I live, the type of work I do, how much and when I work, friendships I invest in, what I eat. Everything.

That’s how I evolved into doing this energy-giving work I love.

Living in alignment also fuels my connection to the rest of my life. 

It inspires me to: 

  • Continue my devotion and growth with my awesome husband Todd
  • Be authentic and present in my parenting to my sweet and spicy son Levi 
  • Deepen connection with beloved friends
  • Cherish my body as I navigate the dynamic unfolding of 50+

No life is “perfect,” don’t get me wrong. 

However, when I listen to and follow my inner wisdom and lean into my unique gifts and talents, I am remarkably resilient and willing to grow with all that life gives me.


Some highlights. Currently I’m a:

  • Graduate of SUNY Geneseo, Prescott College and IIN
  • Soulful Leader coach (professional coach since 1999!)
  • Author of Discover Your Intuitive Style: Simple Steps to Make a Right Decision Every Time
  • Soul artist of large-ish format acrylic paintings and soul portraits, (also enjoy coloring with gel pens and doing origami with my son!)
  • Yoga instructor (on sabbatical after teaching 14 years)
  • Mama to a spirited, bright boy who is a professional negotiator in-the-making who also lives (mostly cheerfully) with EoE, a frustrating digestive disorder/disease that offers lots of learning. 
  • wife to a fabulous, devoted and hard-working hubby who is a perfect yang to my yin.
  • spiritually-minded HSP (highly sensitive person) living in beautiful Colorado, who is ever-seeking nature, peace, and flow amidst all that life gives us!

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