My Approach

My approach to Soulful Leadership is different than traditional leadership coaching.

There are no leadership assessments and personality profiles that tell you who you are and what your innate gifts are.

It’s all about you and me and self-discovery.

It’s professional. 

AND it’s personal and holistic, touching a bit on my breadth of expertise, from nutrition, to self-care, to your leadership approach, to meditation, intuition and self-actualization.

Soulful Leadership Coaching is just…more. 

It’s about how your life works, as a whole. 

It addresses how the way of working has changed—how the boundaries between personal and professional have blurred. 

It’s time for wholeness.

My style & process (the what, the how, the why)

I ask compelling questions, have both structured and unstructured exercises I’ll lead you through. 

I really listen. 

I’ll emphasize that it’s self-discovery…I will not tell you who you are or what is best for you. I will not tell you what’s most important to you. 

I will help you to discover these things, own them, and convert them into your super powers.

Superficial is not my jam—anywhere in my life.

I’m built for the authentic deep dive, getting to the core of who you are, and who you wish to be while supporting your fullest expression as an individual and a Soulful Leader.

It is my purpose, why I’m here.

At your own pace, I’ll guide you, using my unique and robust blend of fierceness, humor, kindness, creativity, spirituality and quirk.

I’ll ask you empowering questions that you might never have considered. 

I might point out aspects you weren’t consciously aware of. In turn those aspects may activate an expansive view of yourself and your capabilities.

And heads up, most likely at some point, I’ll call “B.S.”, holding you accountable to your truth of who you are (with empathetic, playful honesty)!  

We will not be doing therapy. We will not be exploring your past issues and healing old wounds. We’ll be focusing on now- what’s true, what you want, who you want to be, and tools to get there.

That said, some clients like to pair therapy with Soulful Leadership Coaching, with great success, for added breakthroughs.  

What kinds of things do we talk about?

Here are some examples of Soulful Leader program focal points:

  Learn aligned decision-making strategies and what it feels like

  Energy Management: what it is and how it creates sustainability in any career

  Recover from setbacks (self-sabotage & life-given) quickly with a 24/48 hour plan

  Rhythms that include and enhance YOUR soul-essentials despite life's uncertainties

  Priorities & values: clarify and align for an empowered sense of purpose and ease

  Desires & Wants- unveil what sparks you into joy and action

  Respond to life’s challenges with calm confidence

  Identify & leverage your unique Gifts & Talents for lifelong, evolving fulfillment 

  Learn the language of your soul: the missing link to wholeness in life and leadership

  Merge work and home “selves,” and cultivate smooth transitions between roles

What else plays a role in my coaching? 


Spirituality is essential to me and how I live and work. Spirituality helped me find my purpose.

I don’t talk in etherial esoteric ways. My down-to-earth and practical approach links spirituality to everyday life.

What does spirituality actually look like to me? 

√  a deep sense of awe and connection to nature 

  meditation (sitting, walking, cooking, art)

  using intuition for insights and decision-making

√  journaling 

  creativity- allowing ideas to flow and take form

  daily mindfulness

  kindness to others 

  intentionally evolving into my best self

  living a purpose-driven life/doing work I’m “meant” to do

  using my unique gifts and talents to support and advance others

  being vulnerable and authentic

  connecting deeply with others

  teaching others to connect with their inner voice and soul for guidance 

  sharing my insights and following my instincts even when it’s scary

So…if this resonates with you, you can: 


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