Soul and Intuition Retreat 

For Mindfulness, Insight and Peace

4pm Friday July 20th through 3pm Sunday July 22nd


Join me-- It’s time to REVITALIZE your SOUL

Here’s the inside scoop on a big secret—the key to living a life you love—complete with career, relationships, meaningful success, community, and connection that delight you, is intuition.


Plain and simple, intuition is the easiest and most peaceful way to forge a direct line to your Soul and all its insight, wisdom and yearnings. Intuition is like our own no-fail inner guidance system that allows us to live to our full potential. Joy!


When we are disconnected from our intuition we might make decisions that please others, become driven by a To-Do list or procrastinate SELF-time –even to the point where we totally forget who we are or what WE like.


When’s the last time you took a break to relax, rejuvenate, connect with nature and your SELF…and listen to your inner wisdom? (Or maybe you’re wondering what it even means to listen to your inner wisdom and want to learn more…)


The fast pace of everyday life makes it very difficult to listen to our intuition and hear our inner guidance system.  Often we’re left feeling depleted, off-track or simply over-loaded with activity and stimuli.


But guess what? You’ve got a chance to revitalize your Soul and cultivate your intuition at the same time.


Let me help you connect with your inner wisdom with ease by providing you the place, the support and structure to unplug from busy-ness and productivity, and immerse yourself into rejuvenation, peace and flow. Watch your intuition unfold.


Set in the beautiful region of Larkspur, surrounded by pines, aspen trees and expansive open space, Ponderosa Retreat Center offers a refreshing change of pace, only 50 minutes south of Denver.


It’s a simple environment that takes me back to my days at summer camp. Ponderosa Retreat Center provides the peaceful spaciousness of the mountains and charm of days gone by. This is an ideal setting for a Soul and Intuition Retreat.


As many of you know, I believe that a new beginning can happen whenever we choose. I consider a retreat the perfect opportunity to step into a new beginning in our lives—whether actual or imagined through our intentions.


We’ll spend our time in a variety of activities designed to revitalize the soul and integrate mind, body and spirit.  The results are easier access to our intuition for our best decisions, powerful insights, and a sense of harmony within ourselves.


What we’ll cover together during the retreat:

  • Embrace Simplicity- immersed in nature, simple and comfortable venue, uncomplicated concepts and practices
  • Discuss the foundations of Intuition that you can replicate at home and in everyday moments.
  • Explore your unique Intuitive Style to make right decisions for YOU, resulting in greater ease, confidence and fulfillment.
  • Attune to your body to reduce stress, avoid illness, gain insight and maximize your daily energy as needed.
  • Practice being in a relaxed yet alert state—to help you be successful in whatever endeavor you choose to focus on.
  • Meet other mindful, aware people from the Denver area so you can expand your network of interesting people who are committed to expanding their success, ease, confidence and fulfillment in a new way.

Is this for you?

This retreat is for conscious men and women who:

  • Are ready to explore the life-changing potential of intuition. Whether decision-making, shifting your career path, or deepening relationships, there’s no area that intuition can’t positively impact
  • Want to “unplug” for a couple days and tap into a sense of peace that integrates mind, body, spirit.
  • Yearn for simplicity and love the idea of being in nature in a “camp” environment.
  • Are open to utilizing yoga as a tool for mindfulness. No yoga experience required.
  • Whether beginners OR veterans of intuition, are willing to invoke a “beginner’s mind”- of curiosity, openness, willingness to consider new ideas/ possibilities.
  • Have a desire to share ideas and collaborate with others as well as have reflective solo time.
  • Feel ready to press the “reset”/”refresh” button in one or more areas of life and can’t wait to get started!

Please note: This retreat is limited to 20 people to ensure a personalized and connected experience. Registration closes on Tuesday July 17th, 5pm.

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Here’s what’s included in your retreat:

  • A Soul-Rejuvenating and Intuition-Inspiring Retreat that runs from ~4pm on Friday July 20th through ~2/3pm on Sunday July 22nd.
  • Great Rates! Regular Registration runs May 5th through June 29th  at $347. Last Call Registration runs June 30th through July 17th and is $397. (If you need to set up other payment arrangements, please contact me directly to discuss options.)
  • Two nights of lodging- dormitory style, aka Camp! There are seven sets of bunk beds in a room (Note: Single/ double rooms might open up, no guarantees, so if you’d like to be on a waiting list let me know. There would be a rate increase for those rooms if available.
  • Three meals a day-7:30am, 12pm, 5:30pm via Ponderosa Retreat Center, plus healthy mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks provided by Robin.
  • Several yoga classes (All levels welcome- most classes will be gentle with a “mindful” focus.)
  • A copy of Robin’s recent book, Discover Your Intuitive Style: Simple Steps to Make a Right Decision Every Time
  • Handouts and resources to support your learning
  • Exercises to promote Focus and Intuition
  • Guided sessions- information combined with interaction, reflection, journaling
  • Siesta Time- you’ll have time at least once a day for rest, reflection or recreation
  • Campfire Saturday night! (Weather permitting).
  • A Surprise Gift! I just know you’ll love it.
  • Cutting Edge Strategies to rejuvenate your soul, deepen your intuition and create greater ease, fulfillment and peace in your life.
  • Access to Expertise- whether you’re curious about which foods to help with intuition, how to set better boundaries with your time, or tools to uncover your true passions, Robin offers you nearly 12 years of coaching, teaching and speaking experience, as well as 40+ years of mistakes and successes to draw from! She’s yours for the weekend!

Note: The retreat is limited to 20 people for an individualized, connected experience.


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Why I chose Ponderosa Retreat Center:

  1. Proximity to Denver—it is so easy and quick to get there! (50 minutes from Denver!)
  2. Its beauty—the region, camp, views are all stunning (and will be cooler than Denver in July!)
  3. The simplicity—it has a wonderful “camp” feel. The accommodations are simple yet comfortable which allows us to really experience our true selves and nature. Also I decided on a venue where the food is provided so that we can maximize our retreat time without having to prep, cook and cleanup—it just seemed like a good fit with the simplicity theme.
  4. It is a fabulous low-tech environment. Though there is Wi-Fi if you must, I highly recommend “unplugging” for the entire two days that you are on retreat to allow for greater mental stillness.


What sorts of activities will we do?
Potential activities include: yoga (open to all levels), mindfulness practice- whether moving or meditative and still, reflective and intuitive journaling practices, interactive group discussions, partner work- sharing insights and practicing intuitive exercises, grounding and centering exercises (that you can do anytime, anywhere), as well as free time to reflect, nap or explore. Weather permitting we’ll enjoy a campfire too! Enjoy a hike on nearby trails, wander the open fields, lounge under a pine tree in the breeze, or sit around a campfire and revel in “summer.” So many ways to revitalize the Soul!


What about Meals?
Mealtimes are 7:30am, 12pm and 5:30pm. All meals are included in your tuition and provided by Ponderosa Retreat Center. They offer a terrific salad bar to accompany both lunch and dinner. I'll be providing healthy snacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon during our retreat.

If you wish to supplement meals or you have special dietary needs, you are welcome to bring additional food and store it in the dormitory fridge. There are microwaves for reheating in the dining hall. (I have loads of food allergies so I’ll probably bring some extra breakfast foods, my own salad dressing and some extra protein to fill in any gaps.) The chef is health-minded and will do his best to accommodate food allergies, though at any given time there may be up to 300 guests on site.  NOTE: Be sure to list your dietary needs/ allergies on the online registration form.


Who’s leading this Retreat?
Robin Peglow Berg is the leader of this interactive and experiential Soul and Intuition Retreat. Intuition has been one of Robin’s passions and a point of study for 20 years. Robin has been a Success and Life Coach and a yoga instructor to hundreds of people for over 11 years.

This retreat is the merging of her passions—nature, intuition, self-transformation, yoga, and community. Have you ever taken a workshop in someone’s area(s) of passion? Powerful. You won’t want to miss it.


What’s the Schedule Like? (see sidebar to right for schedule)

What should I bring? (Please check back—I’ll be making additions to this list as we get closer.)
Note: Larkspur is in the elevation range of 6600-6900 –cooler by ~5-10 degrees than Denver if we’re lucky!

Packing List

Comfortable clothes for sitting, moving, stretching (layers- might be cool in AM and warm during the day)
Sleeping bag or linens for single bed
Breath Right strips (if you snore!)
Daily vitamins/ medications
Shower shoes
Pen/ pencil
Water bottle
Yoga mat
Any desired supplemental food or drink (I’ll be providing and AM and afternoon PM snack in addition to three daily Ponderosa Retreat meals).
Shoes to go for a walk in
Raincoat/ umbrella (doubtful we’ll need it but hey…)
Travel alarm clock (battery operated) or cellphone for alarm (not sure if all providers have reception—Verizon seemed to work fine.)

Please be aware that this is a stimulant-free retreat—aside from coffee/tea I request that there are no stimulants (smoking, drugs or alcohol) during the course of the retreat.


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robin peglow berg     303.282.1077     robin(at)SoulMoxie(dot)net 

*inspiring women nationwide from denver, colorado*



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What’s the Schedule Like?
TENTATIVE Schedule (This is subject to change but here’s a good draft!)

Check-in is typically 4pm however if you wish to arrive early to the campus and start to unwind, I highly recommend it! There are lots of great places to walk, sit, read, and relax around the Ponderosa Retreat Center campus until our dormitory is ready. We will know as we get closer if it will be ready early.

Friday 7/20
Arrival time: After 12pm & no later than 4pm to get settled in
5:30pm: Dinner
6:30-8:00: Session One: Introductions and foundation for the weekend
8-8:30pm: Intentions, connections
9:45pm: Lights out in dormitory—plan for a good night’s sleep!

Saturday 7/21
7-7:30am: Gentle yoga
7:30-8am: Breakfast
8-8:30: Open
8:30-11:30: Session Two
11:30-12pm: Solo Reflective Time
12pm: Lunch
1pm-3pm: Session Three
3-4pm: Siesta Time
4-5:15pm: Mindful Yoga
5:30: Dinner
6:30-8pm: Session Four
8pm: Campfire!
9:45pm: Lights out in dormitory- another good night’s sleep!

Sunday 7/21
7-7:30am: Gentle yoga
7:30-8am: Breakfast
8:15-11:30: Session Five
11:30-12pm: Solo Reflective Time
12pm: Lunch
1pm-~3pm: Session Six
~3pm: Retreat Complete