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When is the Right Time for a New Collaboration?

September 1, 2023
When is the right time to collaborate?
Collaboration can provide a much needed dose of inspiration, especially for women.

Whether it is simply because many of us were raised to be of service and help, or if it is a deep ancestral pull from centuries of doing shared work—baking, cooking, mending, childcare, gardening—many of us feel drawn to and uplifted by collaboration.

COVID put an exceptional strain on our inner need to work collaboratively with others, especially limiting physically sharing space.

In truth, living through a pandemic, left many women (and men) yearning, disconnected, drained, stressed, off-kilter and feeling uninspired.

Thankfully we now have a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with that pull towards a sense of collaborative tribe once again.

When is the right time to create a new collaboration?

Honestly, anytime really.

However, here are some signs that you might benefit from a little sister tribe collaboration.


🍃feel like career/life is a little “flat”
🍃are uninspired, bored, feel stuck
🍃can’t find the right solution to a challenge
🍃have an idea that requires collective energy
🍃yearn for connection & shared vision
🍃would love a fresh perspective and shared process
🍃are ready to grow in new directions/open to possibilities!
🍃meet someone with a shared vision and are inspired to create!

Recently I’ve come into a few collaborations that are inspiring to me! Offering programs at DU Enrichment (90 virtual attendees on Monday🎉 ), speaking at the upcoming Bluebird Leaders conference ⭐️, a coaching trade to gain some targeted skills, and participating as an expert for Debra Kane’s upcoming summit that will be aired at the end of Sept 🍁 (info and register at

An infusion of energy!

I LOVE it! It is so fun working together with others to create something none of us could do alone. An uplifting collaboration.

I’m happy to serve as part of your collaborative tribe
if you’re seeking to expand more fully into your inner knowing,
self trust and sense of empowerment.

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What DO you want? What to YOU want?

June 22, 2023

Ok transparency- there are a couple shows I love to watch on CW. I find all things superhero and magic really fun and a great source of imagination and entertainment! Also honestly, I appreciate how CW finds a way to weave in relevant social issues into their storylines. It's kind of inspiring.


That said, I heard something truly profound on Charmed (yes Charmed), that I listened to four times- a conversation between two characters that went something like:


Jordan, as he spoke about a dream jo...

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Do you have your Empowered Platform set up? Know your Red Flags?

May 22, 2023
Despite your level of power, leadership or influence, you are human.
You have human needs.
You have human flaws.
You get tired, stressed, overloaded, like everyone else. The distinction is that you, as a leader, have a higher level of responsibility to manage when your human side needs attention (because it's got broad impact.)

Do you know what your "Empowered Platform" looks like (for example)?
It's that version of you that:
√ Feels solid
√ Is clear-minded
√ Feels rested (maybe not perfec...

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Are you a Creative? Learn about "The Gap" (when it seems like nothing is happening).

March 20, 2023
Can you relate??

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Exceptional is not born of ordinary choices

March 2, 2023

Leaders with exceptional lives and careers do so by making choices that align with THEIR purpose vs. the Norm.   

They ALIGN their daily choices with their greater vision, and minimize typical limiting cultural habits. (i.e. overworking, poor nutrition and health, excess stress, disconnection from Self/nature/community, sleep deprivation, suppressing creative expression and more.)

EXCEPTIONAL requires the courage to be DIFFERENT. To not "fit in," but instead blaze a trail. These people DO life ...

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Are you willing to do what scares the ____out of you? Keep going!

February 23, 2023
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How-To's for Soulful Leadership Group on Insight Timer

February 6, 2023

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~ Details & How-To~

Soulful Leadership Group on Insight Timer


I've launched a new Soulful Leadership group for women leaders (and emerging women leaders) to introduce a new style of leadership (that doesn't deplete you and actually amplifies your impact, intuition and overall energy).

This is a really “...

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Wish you were part of a collaborative, supportive group?

January 20, 2023

Hey ladies, wish you were part of a collaborative, supportive group of women leaders to share ideas and tools?

I'm launching a group for Women Leaders to connect and collaborate on Insight Timer -Meditation App!

If you haven't checked out the Insight Timer yet, it is amazing!!

Insight Timer provides a global platform for connection and offers thousands of hours of meditation music, talks, guided meditations, Playlists, as well as live events. Perfect for beginner on up.

ALSO it offers Groups wher...

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Live event in Denver- April workshop

January 6, 2023

Live in the Denver area? Here are the workshop details...
Inspired Beginnings: Claiming Your Next Phase of Life with Purpose and Passion.
In life, we’re offered many crossroads where our choices impact our satisfaction, contributions and life experiences.
Here are three key questions to consider when you’re at a crossroad:
√ What if your next choices are both well thought out and inspiring?
√ What if you can weave in purpose and passion into your everyday life?
√ And what if you feel ...

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Is your Vision Inspiring? Does it make you BUZZ?⚡️

January 3, 2023
*|MC:SUBJECT|* [if !gte mso 9]
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