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Feeling Stuck? Upgrade your outmoded beliefs!

July 2, 2021
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Believe: Part 2
Feeling Stuck? Upgrade Your Outmoded Beliefs.

Beliefs are built ever-so-slowly, starting as children, before we are even able to consciously understand the impact of a belief, much less choose whether it is actually true for US.

Some beliefs get born out of necessity or survival in a moment. And when that moment ends, a new belief must be born in order to grow.

When is the last time you did a belief upgrade?


Every so often it is useful to notice, evaluate, and choose our current beliefs— consciously and intentionally—to be sure they match who we are NOW.


Here are some examples of varying beliefs we may have learned:

  • People are trustworthy.
  • Trust no one.
  • Everyone deserves love.
  • Love has to be earned.
  • Money is good.
  • Money is bad.
  • Different people should be treated differently.
  • All people should be treated equally.


Which beliefs are true?


In the end it is less about what seems true (up until now), and more about which beliefs align with:

  • Who you truly are in your Soul
  • Who you wish to become
  • The life you envision and yearn for


Sometimes we outgrow our beliefs and they no longer serve us. They no longer pull us forward into the life that we desire, towards the self we aspire to.


For example, if I believe that scarcity is everywhere, it simply isn’t possible for me to thrive financially until I upgrade my belief. I have to make space for the possibility of abundance in my beliefs, before all else.


Outmoded beliefs hold us back from the lives we are meant for.


You might ask, “How do I know when one of my beliefs is outmoded?”


Take inventory of as many beliefs as possible. Maybe start with areas of life that are working and look at those beliefs. Then look at areas of life that feel stuck and identify those driving beliefs.


Then, ask yourself:

  • Does this belief make me feel tight, small, “less than,” scared or stuck?
  • Did I learn this belief but it actually belongs to someone else (Does it still serve me?)
  • Does this belief match who I used to be, but I don’t really feel like that person anymore?


And then ask:

  • Does this belief feel uplifting/inspiring/motivating when I think about it?
  • Does this belief pull me forward, closer to the ME I wish to be in the world?
  • Does this belief encourage me to try new things, to take healthy risks, to trust myself?
  • Does this belief present new possibilities to me?


We don’t often pause to reflect on our lives in general, but especially about beliefs.

We have simply accepted most of our beliefs as truth.


Get ready for a juicy journey where you get to explore:

  • Are these MY beliefs or those of people before me?
  • Do I still choose these beliefs moving forward?


Ultimately, the choice is yours. You can create a whole new level of freedom for yourself with just one upgraded belief.


The next time we talk about Belief, I’ll focus on how to transition from an outmoded belief into a new belief! (Sometimes it seems like the Grand Canyon in between, but it can be done.)


Join me 1:1 if you’d like to explore upgrading and aligning your beliefs!


Know someone who would LOVE this conversation? Feel free to pass it on :)


In celebration of freedom,


Robin Berg


Insta @robinpberg
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