Here's this month's edition of Soul Moxie Insights video newsletter.  Be sure to turn up your speakers (or plug in some headphones). 

And PS did you know that I'm nearly done writing my book?  It's called Discover Your Intuitive Style: Simple Steps to Making a Right Decision Every Time and will be available early February!

PSS Please excuse the not-so-pretty rooftop background-- I had to find the little patch of sun in the back yard!

About Robin:
Robin Peglow Berg of is a Success and Fulfillment Coach--a consultant, coach and speaker devoted to guiding others to have the courage to live a fulfilling life with soul. 

She shows highly driven, successful women entrepreneurs and biz leaders how to create a new model for success that is energizing, deeply meaningful and helps them to thrive no matter what.  She applies 10 years of coaching, consulting and speaking to craft strategic programs for long term success.

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