A New Season — Time to Spring Cleanse!

April 2001
Spring is a natural time of renewal and growth. It energizes and motivates us. A great way to support this natural movement toward growth and change is to clear out or “cleanse” various parts of our lives. This creates space for new opportunities as well as simplicity that reduces stress.

What relationships are due for a tune-up or release? Unresolved anger, frustration, fear, sadness, etc. is damaging to us physically and mentally, causing undo anxiety and stress. (Yes, even if you ignore it!) Clearing up relationships is liberating! Honesty, our biggest challenge and ally, is a risk, but worth it. Being honest with yourself and others creates a new dynamic in your life and relationships, often resulting in increased respect and understanding. What conversations are you putting off? What aren’t you telling someone? Do it! The anxiety over NOT having the conversation is likely much worse than the potential outcome — it might even improve things!

Consider this: If a relationship or situation causes you consistent stress, do you really need it?

Time to go through all of those in-limbo items in your life—2 year old gadgets that you keep thinking you may use, those clothes that are prime vintage wear or might fit again, magazines, papers or files you stored in boxes for reference someday, those “gifts” that you’d never choose in a million years. Releasing attachment to these things allows you to create invaluable space in your life. Eliminate clutter and gain a new peace of mind while spending energy on what is important to you NOW, not in the past. (There are innumerable Goodwill, Salvation Army and Thrift stores where you can donate your “treasures” for someone else to enjoy. [Tax deductible too.]) Know that it is not rude to get rid of an unwanted gift and that the memory will still be precious despite whether you save the ticket stub. LET IT GO! All of it! Living in the present invigorating and fulfilling, much more than living in the past. If you haven’t used it, worn it or admired it in the past week to 3 months, chances are good, you won’t even know it is gone except for all that new space!

Consider this: What do you really need?

The Body
Clearing out toxins in our bodies can prove energizing and healing. Though we do our best to be “healthy”, eat right and exercise, we are all exposed to toxins and can benefit from cleansing and resting our digestive systems. A cleanse can vary — from eating really “clean” for several days, to fasting (using an energizing and cleansing liquid diet) for one or more days. (It is advisable to consult a Naturopath, Traditional doctor or Nutritionist prior to a cleanse if it is your first one or you have a medical condition.) You will find a number of cleanses to choose from in books at your local health food store or bookstore. Choose one that feels right for you! (Note: Do not fast on water alone. Your body still needs nutrients and energy for this to be effective.) Ironically, you will likely experience increased energy and clarity during a cleanse, while at the same time feeling lighter and healthier internally.

The Mind
With our lives being packed to the hilt with work and responsibilities, and full of constant stimuli — TV, computers, family, friends, meetings . . . we rarely have a moment to stop. Your mind needs to rest and clear out too. It is different than sleeping though . . . it is a controlled rest, awareness. Practice sitting quietly and observe your breath or sounds around you. Take a walk in nature. Sit outside and feel the sun on your skin. Notice what is going well in your life, instead what is not. Be in the present moment; let go of the past and future. Be. Simple breathing exercises and taking time to be still gives your mind valuable rest and peace. Why do you suppose people love to go on vacation and sit on the beach or go camping? For this very reason. There is no need to lay out hundreds of dollars to fly half way around the world to find this peace; you can have a little slice of “vacation” each day through practice, if only for 5 minutes. Various forms of meditation, yoga, and martial arts involve breath work and focus, so explore. Schedule it in. You will likely be more creative, productive and clear as a result of learning to quiet and rest your mind.

Consider this: If you could feel fully refreshed and rejuvenated after 20 minutes of non-doing, would you do it?

So, choose a part that suits your needs or the whole enchilada, and try cleansing out . . . you might be surprised by the out come!  Happy Cleansing!