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Intuition's Voice- July 2003

Posted by Robin Berg on Tuesday, June 29, 2010, In : Mind, Body, Spirit 

Intuition's Voice
July 2003

 A Quiet Little Voice
At some point you have likely experienced a “gut feeling.” Whether it was actually in your gut, the back of your mind or in your heart, you had a sense of knowing. Perhaps you acted against your gut and hired a person you felt oddly about, and turned out to be a major flop. Perhaps driving home you took a different route and “coincidentally” there was a major traffic jam on your normal route. Coincidence? Maybe. Intuition? Why not?

A ...

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Claim Your Gifts- A Key to Finding Meaning

Posted by Robin Berg on Friday, June 25, 2010, In : Strategies 

Claim Your Gifts
A Key to Finding Meaning

I've noticed a fascinating, wide-spread phenomenon...we disregard our gifts and innate talents as "normal," mistakenly assuming that everyone can do what we naturally can do.  As a result of considering our gifts normal, we shrug them off, thinking them no big deal, and carry on with our ever-determined search to create meaningful work.  We have no idea that our holy grail is laying right within us.

Many years ago I worked as a staff recruiter, hirin...

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Creating Security from Within- March 2003

Posted by Robin Berg on Monday, June 14, 2010, In : Strategies 

Creating Security from Within
March 2003
*Note- though this article was written 7 years ago, it is still so relevant to our lives today...amazing how uncertainty is always with us!

The State of the World
We likely agree that the state of the world is a bit confusing at the moment. There is a sense of uncertainty, of life on “hold”, of “waiting to see” what will happen, if things will escalate or subside. With uncertainty comes fear, peeking in the windows of our experience, raising doub...

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A Tool for New Energy!

Posted by Robin Berg on Tuesday, June 8, 2010, In : Strategies 
On a personal note...
Oh the reprieve from blazing hot weather- thank goodness!  I never thought I'd be happy to see the clouds but I'm ready for a break from the 90+ degrees!

Well, I'm building biz momentum and navigating bumps in the road along the way.  Really the primary tough parts are getting started and cultivating support to get over the bumps.  Until recently I've really underestimated the power of support- be it collaborative relationships, having people believe in me, or people filli...
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Upcoming Events

Posted by Robin Berg on Friday, June 4, 2010, In : Updates/ News 

Balance Bliss: Level Two Yoga Workshop at: Pearl Street Yoga in Denver--Saturday June 12th, 1-3pm (Click link for more details and to register.  Only 5 spots left!)

Summer Soul-stice Yoga class and Community Potluck

Join me and the Pearl Street Yoga clan for a Soul-ful transition in to summer on Saturday June 19th.  Yoga will be from 3-4pm (all levels welcome) and a potluck picnic will follow. 

Yoga is our gift to you.  If you wish to participate in the picnic, please bring a covered dish...

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Belief vs. Believe-- Dec 2002 Part 3

Posted by Robin Berg on Thursday, June 3, 2010, In : Mind, Body, Spirit 

Belief vs. Believe
December 2002- part 3

We all have different driving forces and motivators in our lives.

Many of our driving forces, whether recognition, accomplishment, service, abundance, can be traced back to our belief systems and what we learned to be important.

What are your beliefs?
Often we aren't even aware of a majority of our “life shaping” beliefs? For example what do you believe about wealth, stability, travel, adventure, tradition, parenting, hard work, poverty, politics?  ...

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