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Urban Goddess Retreat review

Posted by Robin Berg on Thursday, January 20, 2011, In : Updates/ News 

Woo hoo! Celebrating all the "Urban Goddesses" from this weekend's retreat!  Thanks for sharing your lives and insights with each other.  It was fabulous.

Here's what a few participant's said:

Thanks for hosting such a wonderful afternoon - I found it to be so refreshing and empowering

 - and I keep coming back to it daily. 

nora n.  ~designer~

"I'm walking away remembering how important

fun, meaningful things and doing what I love are.   

The only difference between an anxious and...

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Be the Expression of Hope: Lighting the Way

Posted by Robin Berg on Thursday, January 20, 2011, In : Mind, Body, Spirit 

Be the Expression of Hope
Lighting the way
It's no secret that our country has been going through something major for a while.  More and more people are getting drawn into the black hole of despair.  I urge you, choose hope.
Two people can navigate identical life circumstances and have completely different experiences and outcomes.  In truth, it is a choice.  One person may go through a dramatic change that feels like life is over as she knows it-- going through the drudgery of the day, feel...

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Letting the Light In

Posted by Robin Berg on Friday, January 7, 2011, In : Mind, Body, Spirit 

Letting the Light In
Part one...

Independence vs. Isolation
American culture today emphasizes privacy, independence, busy lives, and technology, with less focus on community. Rare are the block parties, bringing together an entire neighborhood. Many of us have potentially isolating daily routines.

Get up, go to work, (likely commute alone), work in your cubicle or office, eat lunch (sometimes at your desk or in the car), go home. Maybe you live with a spouse, significant other, family, pets; ...

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