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Today I'm sharing Five Reasons We Procrastinate Fulfillment.

Was there a time in your life (like maybe now) that you yearned for something, or had something in mind that you really wanted to have, be or create?

In fact maybe you've had it for a long time OR perhaps you don't actually know what "it" is yet, but you know there's something calling to you from inside yourself?

Here are some examples of what I mean...maybe you have yearned to:

    * Make a career change
    * Compete in a triathlon or a marathon
    * Take guitar or vocal lessons or an art class
    * Start a foundation, a non-profit or a business
    * Set up your life so that you can take a 3 week vacation
    * Start making time for yourself and relaxation
    * Grow yourself spiritually
    * Get out of your own business and work for someone
    * Arrange your life so that you can have a relationship

What's your yearning?

Maybe one one this list resonates with you as being similar to something you are passionate about.  My experience is that when we allow ourselves to take inspiring action in our lives, everything shifts-from how we relate to people in our lives to how much we enjoy our jobs and especially our sense of fulfillment.

Making space for fulfillment is essential if we want to do our best work and make our truest contributions.

Why then, do we procrastinate the possibility of fulfillment?

Here's my take.

  1. Fear of the unknown-at least you know what to expect now, even if it isn't exactly what you want. What if the outcome is worse? We're hesitant to invest the time and energy and then be disappointed. We fear we might make a mistake and regret it. However, regret most often arises from not taking action toward dreams and goals, NOT taking a risk toward inspiration and wishing we had.
  2. It seems there are many other, much more important things and people and we don't feel we can indulge in our dreams and desires. However when we do this it drains the energy right out of our lives. When you don't nourish and honor your soul's calling, your energy is not getting replenished at the most fundamental level.
  3. We get "comfortable" or complacent in life - as though being our best selves and loving our lives doesn't really matter-it seems easier to go with the flow than to play a big game. So if you have an item on your list that you yearn for, be courageous, be willing to adventure into new territory. It is when you stretch and challenge yourself that you feel most alive!
  4. We're too distracted by being SO busy! Being busy gives us a false sense of excitement but really it's called over-commitment and running on adrenaline. When we lose focus on what's most important to us, deep down, we lose connection with fulfillment. People who are fulfilled demonstrate intentional, powerful commitments-their energy is not diluted but laser-focused on results.
  5. Finally, we procrastinate fulfillment because our limitations feel too great--- whether real or perceived we often look at why we can't do something and we focus on all the supporting evidence of why it can't /won't work. In essence we give more power to our limitations than to our dreams, than to possibilities. When you shift your energy toward what you WANT and away from limitations, you see your life from a whole new perspective.

If any of these ring true, know that you are in good company AND at the same time, this is NOT how is has to be. 

Any time you choose you can stop procrastinating and step into your life more fully, step toward fulfillment.  It is simply about choosing your life!

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