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Willing to do what scares the ___ out of you?
Keeping going!!


At 52, it's a really strange feeling to be starting over on many levels. Although I have been coaching ongoing since 1999, I unplugged entirely from marketing shortly after Levi was born. There were just too many things to juggle while being a full-time mama. 

Over the past two years as Levi’s been getting older, more independent, and his digestive disease is somewhat balanced, I've been drawn to expand and nourish my business once more. (So exciting!)

What a journey it’s been!

It started with great enthusiasm and creativity, followed quickly by feeling naked and exposing myself through authenticity in a way that I had kinda forgotten about!🤣

People say that once you hit 50 you stop caring about what others think. On many levels, this is definitely true. However, claiming my unique passions, gifts and talents, and sharing them broadly through my newsletter and social media is a whole other level!

The truth is, when we are called to expand, we often have to step forward into what feels like vast, risky, unknown nothingness. Repeatedly.

When I first sent out my newsletter after a 6+ year hiatus, did I feel like I might vomit? Absolutely.

When I put together social media posts with any amount of woo woo or deeply meaningful content, does it still feel scary? Yes, all the time!

At the same time, I know it's my right path in order to grow. Because:

  • I believe powerfully in the work I’m offering to the world and the support I know it provides.
  • I believe powerfully in the role of intuition in life and biz as well as the profound impact of learning energy management tools (especially for energy-sensitive Sisters)!

At times I still wonder about how my ideas will be received. That's natural. (Having my TRUE self being linked so closely to my work is pretty vulnerable as well as liberating).

**If I can PAUSE for a moment and remember:
“These words will resonate deeply for certain women who will feel SEEN, supported and called by these ideas. It is important.”
       —then it feels compelling and worth the discomfort. An easy "yes."

I have to be willing to move through feeling scared, intimidated and vulnerable repeatedly as I expand further into my purpose.

There’s really no other way when we’re choosing to live a remarkable life.

In whatever way you wish to grow, remember to be gentle with yourself during the learning curve and be open to navigating the unknown, which can at times feel crazy scary! 

I wish for you a strong sense of Self and purpose to help you consistently take those positive, forward steps- keep going! (Even if you feel like you might hurl! )


If you’ve been seeking a mentor coach to offer support and guidance shifting towards more aligned decision-making and Soulful life & leadership, then please reach out for a Breakthrough Call with me where you’ll experience clarity around where you’re at, what is available/what calls to you, and the way forward.


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In the next couple days I'll send an Event email as well as update my website for March Madness and other upcoming events!


Warmest wishes,


Robin Berg (currently this is my best email as my website email is having some challenges)


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