Believe: Part 1

Do you believe it’s possible?


Whatever you wish for, whatever you aim to create, first you must believe it’s possible.


Some people may appear to have a charmed life, with success following them around like a bedazzled shadow.


However, often the main distinction between them and any other person is rooted in their unshakeable belief.


They believe deeply in whatever it is they are doing, being or expressing. And that makes all the difference.


When we wholeheartedly believe in something, it is almost a tangible sensation. We feel it in our hearts, our minds, our bodies. It is energizing and fills our minds with “yes!” and boundless possibilities.


Eventually, when we continue, (over time), to consistently hold a belief this way, it develops into second nature. It can become a new lens through which we view the world and ourselves.


When the belief is in harmony with who we are, it strengthens us.


On the flip side, when the belief is out of alignment with our true selves and our innate gifts, it depletes, de-motivate, and leaves us feeling weak (i.e. doubt, second guessing, comparing and deeming others’ experiences and views as “better”).

As with any shift, awareness is step one.

Begin to notice (without judgement) what your beliefs are.
Do you believe you are smart, capable, worthy of happiness/love/success?
Do you believe you can heal?
Do you believe you can find a career that fulfills you, relationships that nourish you, and can make time for self care?


Start noticing how these beliefs show up AND how they make you feel/the impact. Be gentle with yourself if you realize you have a lot of outmoded beliefs. Take it as a sign of your growth and readiness for new beliefs.

Begin with awareness. Gently.

Next time we’ll talk about what to do with your outmoded beliefs and how to start creating new ones. (You can use some tools from my newest Positive Mental Mantra meditation on Insight Timer meanwhile.)


If you wish to explore the impact of your beliefs sooner, just you and me, take a spin on my newly “remodeled” website and apply for a Breakthrough Session by going to “start.”


Big joy and happy spring!


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