Recently I watched the movie, Man On Wire - a fascinating story about a man, Phillippe Petit, who is wild about pushing boundaries, as well as exploring the remarkable blend of risk and art.  In August 1974 he tightrope walked (danced really) between the twin towers of the World Trade Center, some 1,300 ft off the ground.

Amazing? Outrageous? Or slightly insane?  I suspect it's somewhere in between, as often is the case when one taps into their passion.  Historically we may not realize someone's genius until years later, it is always worth fueling our heart's devotion in the moment.  Let's simply call it passion: a powerful or compelling emotion or feeling.

No Bounds
We have all seen child prodigies like Emily Bear who at 6 years played Mozart and wrote her own music as though she were simply tuned into a radio station.

You might have also heard of Fauja Singh who at 89 ran his first marathon, and at 99 is still running.  His passion actually arose out of bereavement and loneliness after moving to foreign country following the deaths of his wife and one son.  His passion came alive as a way to heal and find purpose.  While in pursuit of his passion, he became a poster-boy for the Adidas "Nothing Is Impossible" campaign and has raised thousands of dollars for charities.

All of these people demonstrate tremendous passion--one born out of adventure, rebellion and honed skill, another of talent from birth, the other out of devotion to health and recovering from darkness.

Passion works through anyone, young, old, rich, poor, tall, short.  It is up to us to allow it in, to surrender to it as it blooms.  When we allow passion to come alive within us, it not only transforms us but also those around us. 

When interviewed about her music, Emily Bear said, "It just comes out to me." And when asked, "Where does it come from?"  She simply replied, "I don't know...probably my heart."

Are you willing to let what's in your heart, out?

What's It For?
Your passion may not land you on the cover of a magazine or with 15 million hits on YouTube.  However, it will likely land you in joy-- a natural and fully expressed place.  Our heart's passion is forever seeking expression, whether it be through cooking a meal, taking time for a child, or writing a poem that seems to write itself. 

Passion's drive is sometimes inexplicable.   You do it because it is there, because you can, because you are called to it and in some way you feel you must.  And when you live your passion, ego falls quiet into the background.

So in this season of wonder, allow your heart to shine.  As we celebrate the Winter Solstice and move towards more light, allow your heart to fill with the light of your passions and be compelled to manifest a gift of yourself into the world.

Wishing you much joy in your journey between Brilliance and The Outrageous,

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