Claim Your Gifts
A Key to Finding Meaning

I've noticed a fascinating, wide-spread phenomenon...we disregard our gifts and innate talents as "normal," mistakenly assuming that everyone can do what we naturally can do.  As a result of considering our gifts normal, we shrug them off, thinking them no big deal, and carry on with our ever-determined search to create meaningful work.  We have no idea that our holy grail is laying right within us.

Many years ago I worked as a staff recruiter, hiring about 200 staff annually.  Until I was in that role, it had never occurred to me that my ability to "read" people was anything but ordinary.  I can remember one day having a conversation with someone about it and I incredulously asked, "You mean not everyone can do that?"  I had no idea.

A Client Example
I was working with a client recently to help unveil her gifts and talents and it clicked for her that, OH, not everyone has the ability to be a liaison who pulls together the common threads of two opposing perspectives, to have broad vision, to catch and redirect a conversation that's headed in a dangerous direction, to be a teacher who empathetically trains and leads her employees while demonstrating a deep sense of belief in their abilities (further motivating their performance)?  NO!  That's a unique combo that makes her an excellent leader.

A Unique Combination
Consider for a moment the fact that we are all born with innate skills and talents, such as making people laugh, hearing the hidden truth while listening, or strategic thinking 5 steps ahead.  When all your skills and talents add up, it creates a powerful and exceptional combination that is very likely completely unique and invaluable.

So rather than dwelling on how to strengthen our weaknesses, or getting stuck on our flaws, how about immersing in the concept that you are a walking miracle comprised of innumerable seemingly ordinary gifts and talents that are essential to the world?  Now that feels good!

Notice Your Gifts
For anyone seeking more meaning in your life, I'd highly encourage you to take time to reflect on your potential gifts.  It's tough because I'm asking you to shine the light on what is innate and 2nd nature to you...the things you don't normally even know that you do.  Start with the things that seem most average and normal to you-the stuff you naturally do in the course of a day.  You may want to survey colleagues and friends- what do they observe that you have a knack for?  Write them down and acknowledge that this simple list (it is only uninteresting to you!), contains invaluable gifts that no one possesses the way you do.

Why would you ever try to be something you are not (so much wasted energy!) when you already have so many wonderful gifts already?  Once you recognize these gifts, you can further emphasize them, see the value that you bring to the every day and glimpse the essence of your purpose.

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