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Comparison: The Soul Saboteur

Imagine a time when you felt in the Zone, the quiet knowing that you were in the absolute right place in that moment, that you were connected to all that you are.


In that moment, perhaps you felt an inner calm and knowing, a stillness and contentment.


These moments (however rare or fleeting), are powerful reminders that we are amazing just the way we are. That who we are and what we bring to this world are enough.


Nothing is missing.


As soon as we start comparing, we risk turning it all upside down in an instant.

It is when we compare ourselves and lives to others, (through the lens of self judgement) that our inner peace vanishes.

“She is always so calm.” “She is so pulled together and stylish.” “He meditates every day!” “They got a promotion after only a year.”

Comparisons are a surefire Soul Saboteur, shriveling up your innate inner grace.

A Joy Thief, comparison leaves us unsettled, out of balance and somehow believing that what others are doing/experiencing/having is better.


That’s just not true.


More importantly…


What would it be like to drop comparison?

Just give it up?


Sometimes loving yourself is the first step, and then giving up comparison comes later.

Other times, giving up comparison must come first. That creates space to listen to and know ourselves, and tend to our needs and yearnings.


Who you are is unique, special, beautiful. You have gifts the world needs.

And you will never fully shine if you are always comparing and aspiring to be like others.

You are an incredible force until yourself.

You are being called to be You.


As with any shift, it starts with awareness.

Begin to notice when comparison comes up and how it makes you feel.

If it ignites something positive in you, inspires and uplifts, then great, use it for growth!

If it leaves you feeling dull, blue, irritated or deflated, then drop it.


Do you (or someone you adore) want to get acquainted with your True Self for more energy and better decision-making?

Reach out and join me for a Breakthrough session.


Enjoy this final stretch of summer (and get ready to hit the ground running come Fall)!

Happy August,


Robin Berg


Insta @robinpberg
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