Creating Security from Within
March 2003
*Note- though this article was written 7 years ago, it is still so relevant to our lives today...amazing how uncertainty is always with us!

The State of the World
We likely agree that the state of the world is a bit confusing at the moment. There is a sense of uncertainty, of life on “hold”, of “waiting to see” what will happen, if things will escalate or subside. With uncertainty comes fear, peeking in the windows of our experience, raising doubt, questions, and worry. It is time for reinforcements, to strengthen the inner fortress, to develop our own personal sense of security.

The Essence of Allowing
Waiting for external conditions to occur before we can feel stable is unnerving. It is almost like trying to force it to rain during a drought. We must simply continue living, with sincere awareness of the amount of water we are consuming as individuals, while hoping that it will rain soon. It is not as though we give up on the rain, we just do not allow ourselves to be consumed by it. We simply give up on sitting outside, watching the clear blue sky, wondering when the rain will come pouring down.

Reinforcing the Foundation
The weight of our worries can be heavy. We do not want to collapse under the pressure of it all. Allowing and living peacefully can help, but we can also develop and strengthen our foundation that we may withstand whatever comes our way.

What is foundation? It is the platform on which you stand, your beliefs, ideas that strengthen or weaken you, your self-image, your relationships with others and yourself, your prejudices and judgments against yourself or others, the food you put in your mouth, your organizational systems, your level of honesty and integrity, your grudges, your standards for yourself and things in your life, etc. The list goes on and on. Why wait in worry when there is plenty to do to strengthen your foundation? If we all developed our foundations, we would improve the world.

Living without Delay
We are faced with a tremendous choice. We can continue to “wait”, hold on making important decisions, put off self-care or eat poorly because we feel hopeless about the state of the world. We can stop spending money out of fear that there will not be enough. (If everyone stopped spending, guess what? There will not be enough and we would have created it.)
I am not saying go blow all your cash and savings on a trip to Tahiti, but I am saying, live. Keep the “flow” of life going…the more we wait and hold, the more restricted everything becomes. The more stagnancy is created.

Surround yourself with that which uplifts you, provides you a sense of peace and do your best to stay in the flow of life.  We can’t change the world over night, so we might as well change our “response” to the conditions of the world.

Have a wonderful day!

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