Hello Again!

Hello and Happy Holidays to you all, amidst crazy times!

In case you missed the first email with all the holiday happenings…

I’m writing to you because at one time or another you and I, Robin (Peglow) Berg were connected- whether through my Soul Moxie Insights newsletter, private coaching, yoga class, Goddess Circles, Access Your Power Within programs, and more.

Though I let you all know I’d be taking a “Mama Sabbatical” a while back, time has flown by!

I promise I’ll be reconnecting and starting to add value to your life with more consistent check-ins and tools.

Here’s what’s up with me and the fam~

It’s been an amazing several years with a strong focus on parenting while still having an ongoing “boutique-sized” coaching practice.

Thankfully my husband Todd, son Levi (8!), and I are all healthy and navigating these absurdly unusual times with a blend of 3-parts clumsy and one-part grace, and as much humor and positivity as we can muster! I’ve been doing my best to adapt and be empowered by the changes that life offers me, remembering I still have choices.

Recently I’ve been strongly compelled to offer some additional support to others, beyond my current clients, myself and family.

This year has been remarkably challenging in so many ways- ways that seem to be leaving us all in need of a little more support and a few more tools. So I answered the call to action, and put together a "mini" coaching program for those of you seeking a “kickstart” and some extra support in the new year.

Are you yearning to feel confident in the midst of world chaos?

Would you like to make better decisions that are in alignment with YOU?

Are you ready to come “home” to your true Self?

If you can relate to this, I’ve got a new short, sweet and powerful program that might be really useful for you. SoulMoxie.net/Mini-Coaching-Program and check out the deets. (Special rate through 1/4/21 and space is limited since I’m just starting to expand again!)

If not, feel free to still drop me a line and let me know how you are-I’d love to reconnect!

With warmth and support,


Robin Berg

PS feel free to share this with a friend who might be interested!

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