Despite your level of power, leadership or influence, you are human.
You have human needs.
You have human flaws.
You get tired, stressed, overloaded, like everyone else. The distinction is that you, as a leader, have a higher level of responsibility to manage when your human side needs attention (because it's got broad impact.)

Do you know what your "Empowered Platform" looks like (for example)?
It's that version of you that:
√ Feels solid
√ Is clear-minded
√ Feels rested (maybe not perfectly but generally)
√ Is able to problem-solve
√ Demonstrates patience
√ Delivers kind yet potent feedback to others
√ Recovers quickly from setbacks with a "learning" mindset and resilience

Depending on your level of self-awareness your own Empowered Platform specifics, combined with awareness of your Red Flags, you can course correct real-time (most of the time) when your Platform starts to slip.

Red Flags are different for everyone but could look like:
√ Not sleeping
√ Fatigue
√ Irritability
√ Skipping meals
√ Disrupted/mis-firing body rhythms (i.e. digestion/ bowels)
√ Over-reacting to a situation (that otherwise would be manageable on a good Platform day)
√ Making hasty decisions from the "get it done" perspective vs. best choice
√ Being late, rushed or over-scheduled
√ Inner critic is fired up w/self and others, possibly with lots of silent %@#& 🤣
√ Not connecting with others emotionally- all "business"
√ Being harsh with kids/family
√ Forgetting things/appointments/meaningful dates

There are many more potential Red Flags that we each have. It's vital that we learn what they are so we can start making shifts. Living in an ongoing state of Red Flags is a crash-course for disaster-- whether in our physical, mental, emotional health or our ability to rise in our careers.

We owe it to our Best Selves and those we serve to make time to identify both what our Empowered Platform looks like as well as our Red Flags.

Not sure how to do it on your own?
Hire someone to support you.
(I'd love to support you.)

This is perhaps the greatest gift you can give yourself and those you lead. If you've got a forward-thinking company, they'll likely pick up the expense-- fully or in-part. (And you'll never know unless you ask.)

Once you know how to manage your Platform consistently, I promise you, you'll start to experience your life and leadership in a way that feels much more inspiring. (The positive byproduct? You'll consequently pass on the positive vibes and tools to all your peeps.)

PS As a busy leader, there's never an obvious time to start coaching. You simply need to claim it for yourself and your future and go for it.

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