The Gift of Receiving
An Essential Element of Flow

Recently there was a lovely, talented woman I spoke to who was struggling with a really difficult, stressful week.  Ironically, the week was tough because she'd received praise!  The praise brought up both a sense of pressure to continue performing at an exceptional level, and concern that her praise might take away from other equally deserving co-workers receiving recognition.  It was just really uncomfortable to receive praise because of all that came with it.
Unfortunately I think this discomfort is all too common.
What I've found as I work with more and more conscious women (and men), is that you are a very generous group of people---giving, committed to service, to helping others, to making a difference.  What an amazing gift you are to the world-that you choose to contribute in all the ways that you do.  It really matters. tend to be expert deflectors.
Expert Deflection
Here's how deflection might look...
She's told she looks beautiful--"Oh really?  Don't you see these eye circles?"  Or she gets a compliment on her great idea-- "It was luck!", or her outfit --"I got it on sale!", or her achievement "it was really the team...I didn't do much."  Someone offers to hold the door or carry something for her, "Oh I can get it thank you."
I'm still practicing receiving as I've been an excellent deflector much of my life.  Why we do it matters much less than making a shift.  One thing that helped me immensely was to consider that every compliment, every offer of support is a gift.  It is a gift that the giver sincerely wants to offer.  Every time we diminish or deflect recognition or support it is as though we are refusing a gift, denying ourselves of a little bit of love and connection.
Receive the Gift
What if we could begin to see all these moments as gifts?  Gifts from the heart, gifts to refuel and honor the truth that who we are matters.  Receiving is an opportunity to replenish the stores of energy that we are constantly putting out for others.  Are you tired, overworked, under acknowledged?  Take a moment to review whether you are really allowing yourself to receive fully, and if not, start practicing.
Here are some examples of how you might practice receiving:

  • When someone opens a door for you, smile, say thanks and walk on in
  • When you are given a compliment, say thank you, and feel the warmth
  • If someone offers to help carry your stuff, graciously accept (it does not mean you are weak or couldn't carry it. It simply means you are willing to conserve energy for something else.)
  • If a friend wants to treat you to lunch, allow her to do it with gratitude and without argument
  • If a co-worker, friend or spouse offers to complete some task to make your life easier, say yes (and be willing to let go of exactly how it gets done. You can't do it all and know peace.)
  • If you receive positive feedback or praise at work, soak it in, write it down, and save for the days you forget how awesome you are.

And then when you're feeling all filled up, appreciated, loved, and supported, pass the gift on to someone else to help them see their greatness too.
Best wishes,

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About Robin:
Robin Peglow Berg of Soul Moxie is a Success & Fulfillment Coach, (consultant, coach and speaker) devoted to guiding women leaders to courageously lead a fulfilling life with soul. 

She shows highly driven, successful women entrepreneurs and biz leaders how to create a new model for success that is energizing, deeply meaningful and helps them to thrive no matter what.  She applies 10 years of coaching, consulting and speaking to craft strategic programs for long term success.

Speaking: Robin also offers a variety of seminars to progressive corporations, associations or professional networking groups.  All programs are developed to support women business leaders in the areas of preventing burnout, enhancing productivity, creating team motivation, improving time management and work-life fulfillment and much more.