Ease the Stress of Transition   
Using Yoga Insights to Navigate Challenging Times
The transition from Summer into Fall seems a tough time for many people.  Loads of people are scrambling to get in the last hoorah of summer while reorganizing Fall schedules, school clothes, sporting events, etc.  Kids start kindergarten or head off to college.  A lot of frazzle and stress potential--it is a surge of activity (and emotion), that for some, threatens a tipping point unless managed with awareness.

Honor the Transitions
In teaching yoga, I notice that many time it's not the poses that are most challenging parts but rather the transitions into and out of the poses.  Transitions are when we feel the most wobbly and the face greatest temptation to rush or gloss over a step-to just get "there."  When rushed however, we are likely to topple over, feel frustrated and discouraged.

Transitions, be they in yoga or life, require us to shift "gears," like downshifting while driving down a big mountain pass-we must operate in a different way --one that is sustainable and won't overload our systems. 

Thankfully a transition (and its stress), is not forever.  Yet it requires a temporary gear shift that helps us flow from Point A to Point B with greater ease.  Whether shifting from one season to the next, or simply from "work self," to "home self," honoring the transition is essential. 
We must learn when to downshift, to reduce stress and damage, and increase joy and positive outcomes. 
Keys to Smoother Transitions
Here are a few key elements common to yoga and life for navigating transitions and challenging times (that can reduce stress and restore balance).  Experiment and try something new.

  1. Get grounded- in yoga we "root down" through our feet, engage our muscles for support and then relax into that support. In life you can go for a short walk/run, call a supportive (& positive) friend, or literally sit on the ground for a few minutes. Sit on a rock, in the grass, against a tree--just give yourself a minute to feel the support and relax.
  2. Stay focused on the present moment- Refrain from thoughts of the past, the future, and any fear you're tempted to entertain. It is about right now. Take time to eat lunch mindfully from your desk, read a page in an inspiring book. Gently, repeatedly, guide your thoughts back to this moment, where in essence, everything is ok.
  3. Remain open to breath- often during challenging poses, people hold their breath-distracted for a moment by the physical demand. Stress is the same. Rushing, feeling scattered, deadlines, and the sense of "have to," all create a sense of constriction. Do your best to breathe, especially in the moments that feel tight.
  4. Hold the positive outcome in your mind- It's remarkable - when students wobble in tough balance poses, and then are reminded to tell themselves they are balanced, suddenly there's a shift. When you are challenged and feel out of balance, tell yourself you are balanced, see yourself living the outcome you are moving towards.
  5. Be willing to let yourself BE wherever you are today / now- Some days are just messy and it doesn't turn out as planned. We all have off yoga days and off Life days. It is on those days we must be the most gentle with ourselves (and others) and stand in the practice of allowing-allowing ourselves to be wherever we are in this moment without judgment. It is okay if today you "topple" over. Tomorrow you can stand up and begin again. Just be mindful, compassionate and devoted to honoring this version of you and your transition.

Give yourself the gift of one or more of these steps to make your transitions more peaceful and enjoyable.  
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Best wishes,
About Robin:
Robin Peglow Berg of http://www.soulmoxie.net/ is a Success and Fulfillment Coach--a consultant, coach and speaker devoted to guiding others to have the courage to live a fulfilling life with soul. 

She shows highly driven, successful women entrepreneurs and biz leaders how to create a new model for success that is energizing, deeply meaningful and helps them to thrive no matter what.  She applies 10 years of coaching, consulting and speaking to craft strategic programs for long term success.