Ease the Transition Shift:
Reflect, Nourish, Recalibrate


More than ever we’ve been asked to be flexible and adaptable this past year. For some it’s been a positive growth-filled experience, for many it’s created immense fatigue.


However, when we choose to reflect and recalibrate periodically, we empower ourselves vs. being at the mercy of circumstance.


Here in Colorado, we’re in our final days of in-person school for the year.

There are so many people exhaling a huge sigh of relief for summer break’s arrival.


Me? Eek!!

My son Levi does much better in a consistent, steady rhythm with lots of interaction with kids, teachers and a vast array of structured stimuli that nourishes ALL parts of him.


So how can I support myself to craft a smoother transition?


Reflect, Nourish, Recalibrate--these are my power tools.


Embracing an upcoming change (and participating) CREATES empowerment.

Resisting/waiting/passive anxious observer CREATES a disempowered victim experience.


When I take the time to pause, step back and have some intentional self-inquiry, it offers some breathing room and I can “see” opportunities that are otherwise blocked by stress etc.


Below is a series of self-inquiry options. Experiment, choose one or many, and see what you find supportive. These questions are likely to trigger new insights, breakthroughs and possibilities!



Reflecting on what’s true can be a game changer.

  • What is happening?
  • What changes must happen/are out of my influence/control?
  • What changes can I impact?
  • What do I wish to create?
  • What worked in the past?
  • What didn’t work?
  • What learning from the past can I apply?
  • What’s different since last time? (me, circumstance, others)


Transitions can be hard! It’s true.
Tune in...this next step is essential.

We must nourish ourselves even more during transitions. We’re no good all shriveled up in survival mode.



  • What can I do to take care of my self during this transition? (i.e. vibrant food, better sleep, journal, comfort, connection with friends)
  • What are my essentials that I must have to help my vitality?
  • What support (people/places/systems) are available to me?
  • What routines do I need to implement that nourish me?


Final concept: when we calibrate something, we take into account all the information, and organize it in a way that it is highly functional.

Nearly all transitions require recalibration.


We have to take into account all that’s shifting, what we need during this change, and make some fresh plans.



  • What new thoughts/mantras do I need to implement to help me now?
  • What shifts in my schedule would create more ease/flow during this shift?
  • What opportunities are now available because of the change?
  • What is great about this change?
  • How can I get deeply present and possibly even have fun?
  • How long will this transition last and when can I look forward to another positive shift?


A couple final nuggets to consider as you transition…

  • One of the best stress-reducers you can practice is to simply be present. When you are washing dishes, wash dishes. When you’re driving, drive. You get it. Briefly, let everything else fall away, creating a greater sense of space and ease.
  • Lastly, consider where we can flex our “high standards.” Where is 50-75% “good enough” instead of putting in 100% (effort, time, outcome)? Not all things require absolute excellence, so let’s give ourselves some grace.


If you’re navigating a specific transition and you’re ready for some added support and new tools, consider a Breakthrough Session to see how Soulful Leadership coaching could help you thrive.

Enjoy all the juicy moments!

Wishing you all the best,