What if today could be a powerful day, a turning point, if you choose?

As human beings, we're inevitably intertwined with the Earth, how it moves, how it relates to the sun (and much more depending on how deep you want to go.)

You can pretend it's like any other day but can't you FEEL it? Can't you feel that pull that happens this time of year as the weather shifts, the hours in the day shift...how you might want to curl up with a book or recraft some aspect of life?

What if you were to "lean into it"-this energy of SHIFT, turning inward, opening to new possibilities?

What would that look like for you?

If nothing else, today could be a day that includes some reflection:
√ What do I wish to invite into my life now?
√ How do I wish to "show up" personally/professionally so it is a truer version of ME (that I feels good and adds value to the world in some small way)?
√ If I could shift one thing right now, what would it be? (And then create a "vision" of all the details. Begin to focus on your vision as often as possible.)

This is a time of coming into balance. Equal parts light and equal parts dark. We have an opportunity here if we choose to embrace the natural shift, and step into it.

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