Leaders with exceptional lives and careers do so by making choices that align with THEIR purpose vs. the Norm.   

They ALIGN their daily choices with their greater vision, and minimize typical limiting cultural habits. (i.e. overworking, poor nutrition and health, excess stress, disconnection from Self/nature/community, sleep deprivation, suppressing creative expression and more.)

EXCEPTIONAL requires the courage to be DIFFERENT. To not "fit in," but instead blaze a trail. These people DO life differently.

 They might get up early to workout, create, meditate or daydream. 

 They might eat food that is vibrant and creates vitality.

 They might decline invites when over-scheduled even if they'd love to go.

 They might prioritize rest or nature or connection or family or a cause.

 They might consistently ASK for what they need to advance an initiative.

 They might build communities with shared vision.

 They might "give back" on various levels--time, energy or funds.

They are often outliers in various aspects of life.  

And yes, it can be lonely at times.

However, the fulfillment and impact that they make in their life and craft can be profound.

From the outside we think, "Wow, how cool their life is" not realizing that it is ALL intentional. Every choice aligns.

The option to align our choices with a greater vision is available to each of us.(Even if right now it feels far away.)

We have to be willing to be different, to make powerful choices in order to live exceptionally.

One choice at a time.

One day at a time.

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A special shoutout to image artist Susan Wilkinson- found her on Unsplash and she happens to be from  Colorado! Stunning images!