"Happy Hour"


We've got a special event coming up and we want you to be our guest!  Please join Edith Samouillet and I on Tuesday July 19th from 5-6pm for an insightful and informative "Happy Hour" Intro Event at Cafe Bistro in Cherry Creek.

We'll be offering you a powerful "taste" of what you might expect from the upcoming Executive Women's Leadership Retreat (Sept 11-16th).  Curious about the retreat?  This is the perfect opportunity to learn more.

Please join us for a fun, interactive and informative event with fabulous food and atmosphere!  Consider it a super mini-retreat!

**NOTE: if you cannot attend this event, but are interested in learning more about the Executive Women's Leadership Retreat, please contact Robin and we'll be sure to provide all the information you need! 


We'll mix and mingle starting at 5pm-- a great chance to unwind and meet other fabulous Executive Women Leaders like you.

 Please arrive no later than 5:15pm to get the most out of our Happy Hour.  We'll provide a short and insightful leadership exercise to support you in being more present and refreshed.

Then Edith and I will share key information about the upcoming retreat and what makes it so unique.  And of course, we're happy to answer any questions you might have to help you better determine if it's a match for you and your organization.

We'll also discuss how many corporations/ organizations will cover part or all of tuition for this Leadership Retreat. 

And to satiate your taste buds, we'll provide some lovely hors d'oeuvres for your enjoyment.

(Cafe Bistro serves soda, tea, coffee, beer and wine if you choose to wind down your day with a libation.  Otherwise there is no cost for this event.)

And YES, if you have an Executive gal pal you'd like to invite, please do--just be sure to RSVP for both of you.

To RSVP, simply email me and put "YES" in the subject and the # of attendees.

Join us and RSVP to reserve your space today!

Where, when and such...
Cafe Bistro 
2810 E. 1st Ave.
~inside Nordstrom~
back corner of 2nd floor
Denver, Colorado 80206
Click for MAP

Tues July 19th
Restaurant details here