Falling Out of Overwhelm: Part 2

Here are a few more tips for moving out of overwhelm and INTO enjoying your life more fully...

Simple Shifts
You do not have to change everything in your life to find peace. Are there one or two obligations that you can trim back on? Are you willing to get up 10 minutes early and sit looking out the window or listen to music with your eyes closed? Are you willing to ask others for additional help or get your family more involved in household projects or cooking?

Sitting Quietly
One solution is meditation. Meditation in its simplest form is practicing a single point of focus, i.e. focus on your breath for 2 minutes. You may wish to inhale for 5, exhale for 5, or to mentally repeat “inhale, exhale” over and over until you are just thinking of breathing, or purchase a guided meditation CD. Baroque music is often a good match for focusing the brain while meditating.

Every Day as a Vacation
Our thoughts create reality or at least our experience of reality. At one time in my life when I was overworking and feeling unhappy I decided to change the way I thought about my evenings. I started “pretending” that at 5pm every night, I began vacation. Not only did it get me out of the office 2 hours earlier than normal, it also made me start using my time differently and more enjoyably.

If you have family, choose a couple evenings for “family vacations” where you pack a picnic, play board games, or make s’mores over the grill. Why should all of life feel like work? How can you bring vacation into every day just a little.  It just sounds more fun!

And now, experiment.  Choose one or two tips and try them out-- see for yourself the difference that it makes.  And if you'd like to learn your personal formula for interrupting and redirecting overwhelm, contact me today!