Falling Out of Overwhelm: Part One

There are innumerable times in our lives when things feel, well, too much.  Too much to do, too much to think about, organize, coordinate, etc. and suddenly we find, we've fallen into overwhelm.

Here are a few simple steps to allow yourself to fall back out of overwhelm again...

Stop the Madness
Before you can do anything, you must grab hold of the wheel and put the brakes on. It may feel like everything is in “have to” mode, but it is up to you to pause your crazy schedule and the race from place to place. Just brake.

Take a Moment . . .
Think for a moment of what is most important to you in the big picture of your life. Is it how much money you make, what kind of work you do, how many activities your kids are involved in, how clean your house is, making sales? At the end of your life, what do you imagine will matter most? Will it be these things or will it be your health, relationships with loved ones, happiness, vacations you took? What will it be that matters most?

There is no direct correlation between working yourself to the bone and being successful or being HAPPY for that matter. So please, before you run yourself into the ground, take a little time and see what makes you feel successful and happy. Maybe you are racing hard and fast to another team’s goal.

A Personal Confession
For the most part of my adult life I have been a serious over-worker and overachiever. Intermittently I received reminders that I was doing too much, be it sickness or fatigue or losing motivation. Finally, through choosing to do less, eating new foods, doing yoga, and introducing 10 minutes of daily meditation (sitting quietly), I feel I have “woken up” to what is really important in my life.

I will always be a hard-worker but it doesn’t mean I have to work 12-14 hours a day. What is currently most important to me is my health, relationships, eliminating the constant muscle tension in my body, and increasing my intuition so I can better serve my clients and make decisions more easily. Through doing less, taking a mere 10 minutes a day to sit quietly, and reading first thing in the morning instead of running to my computer to download email, my whole life is changing!

We've got to start somewhere right??

Stay tuned for Falling Out of Overwhelm, Part Two-- a few more simple steps to move out of overwhelm and into freedom.

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