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Soul Moxie Insights

Soulful Leader Tip #1

Are you ready to get back into your groove as a leader?
We can begin to re-craft our lives and leadership,
one hour at a time.

Whether you head up a department, run your own biz, or are a leader in your family, you are a leader.

It’s been a rough year and many of us are simply needing to start 2021 with forgiveness of COVID and ourselves for however sideways we might have gotten this past year. We can allow 2020 to have been a messy year and move forward, to what is "next", beyond the losses and challenges.

Slowly, day by day, we can begin to re-craft our lives and leadership. One hour at a time.

Recently I’ve been reminded that even one good hour of focused work makes a difference. It’s SO true! It is about planting yourself and getting some sh*t done for a single uber-focused hour.

For me, it starts with a quick re-eval to understand what time of day my energy is best for this kind of work. Everyone is different. When’s your best time for focus?

Without a doubt, mine’s in the morning! After dropping Levi off to school, I do a quick cleanup in the kitchen, clear off my desk (ideally put things away where they “belong,” but not always!) I get my water and some tea. And then, I get the party started!

I sit and choose over and over again, to be right there, doing what I’m doing…doing what is important to me. (And this doing is energy-giving!)

No worries if you don’t already know what you want to work on. Have that be Day one, Hour one. Sit down, do a mind dump of all that’s needing to get done (on paper or via an app like Cozi, or through a project management system like Asana). Get it ALL out.  And that might be all you do that hour.

Next might be to prioritize your top three initiatives- a personal, professional and ________?
Only three. (For right now.)

Then identify your first few steps for each initiative. Write ‘em down.

Choose one initiative for the first hour and begin.

For me, my focused hour is currently devoted to my business. (On the weekends it is on family, home maintenance, etc.) This devoted biz time is sacred and is not for laundry, phone calls or texts (unless it directly relates to time sensitive client support.) If distractions arise, I practice re-focusing often.

*Note: Intuition is a big part of this- intuition is how we raise awareness to our best focus times, the projects that call to us most, and how to determine the right  next steps. It is a blend of rational thought and inner knowing---where “What do I need to get done?” meets “What step will help me align with my greater purpose?”

Although this is very oversimplified, sometimes it really is that simple.

Park it for a single focused hour.

Choose one area of focus and stick to it.


It is truly amazing what we can do.

And then, we get inspired and motivated to keep going.


When you can cultivate this practice, (yes, it is a practice and it won’t be perfect!), then you will be amazed at what you can create a single hour at a time.

Curious about uncovering your best time focus or how to choose your right next steps? Consider a Breakthrough Session to explore how it can be a game changer in life and leadership.