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Soul Moxie Insights
Is your Mindset Flexibility (or lack of)
an asset or limitation?

Recently I was confronted (repeatedly) with many things that fell outside my comfort zone due to traveling!


Different schedule, time zone, bed, sleep cycle, stimuli, environments, and a major disruption of my early AM meditation/journaling/PT routine. You get it!


However, this shift raised my awareness on several levels.

One: My AM meditation is absolutely the anchor to my day--an essential if I wish to be a remotely patient and kind human being!


Two: I was better at being flexible than I expected in some circumstances. (Worse in others!)


Three: Being SO flexible all at once is REALLY hard for me. (Anyone else?)


And then…

When I returned home, I needed to adjust my weekly schedule to accommodate a recurring meeting with six other people. (The meeting brings great value to my life, so I wanted to find space!) 

Yet, I still felt resistance to the change.

It is amazing how attached we all get to our patterns, comfort zones and routines.
My AM meditation is a great one to hang on to but what about all the others?

When reviewing my schedule to see how I could accommodate the group needs, I noticed my internal grumbling and resistance around a part of the day that I had deemed “off limits.”

It was time for a “what if?” journaling session— to see if I could reveal and shake loose some of my stuck thinking.

  • What if I started dinner prep earlier & cooked two dinners at once?
  • What if my flex day was a different day?
  • What if I asked for more help in the AM?
  • What if I moved another appointment to the PM?
  • What if I created a truly sacred time for 100 % biz focus?

The exercise helped me explore:

  • How I use my time
  • New systems for repetitive tasks
  • How I can better streamline my different roles (Spiritual Warrioress, wife, mama, Soul Moxie leader, and household/schedule manager)

I learned:

  • I’d gotten a little inefficient!
  • Even though it feels unfamiliar, I can mix things up more.
  • Moving a monthly AM appointment to PM created a positive energetic shift!
  • Best-- I reacquainted with my energy cycles and what types of tasks are best matched for different times of day and week.


Take Away…

Even though these flexibility challenges made me very itchy initially, I’m SO grateful for them.


They forced me to reframe and clarify my priorities, explore my “tight” areas, as well as see new possibilities.

Now I’m kind of excited and hopeful for what has arisen!


How flexible is your mindset?

  • What can you learn from resistance and challenges?
  • How might you lean into the discomfort and explore new possibilities? (~that you might like even better!)
  • For "non-negotiables," are they essential or simply habits / comfortable?


We never know what possibilities might arise when we explore our flexibility (and accompanying resistance)!


Want to explore new possibilities and get a boost of energy?
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Robin Berg


Insta @robinpberg
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