Growing Beyond Fear:
Your role in becoming free
Have you ever had the experience of grappling with a challenge in life or a relationship and it feels like a battle between 2 or more sides or perspectives?  And you just want it to be made right-- to get what you want and /or have resolution!

In a recent article I read by Rabbi Rami Shapiro there were a couple lines that really struck me.  "...the true battle isn't between you and others, but between your self and your soul, between fear and love."  The author then speaks about how we blame the fear on others.  "There is no end of Others to blame, because the true cause of our fear has nothing to do with the other and everything to do with ourselves.  There is no Other to defeat, only ourselves to transform."

This is compelling.   I could almost let these three sentences be the entire newsletter, they are so potent, however that might leave you hanging.

Shared Journey
We are all on our own unique journey and yet along the journey, many of our challenges are the same
.  We seek to survive, to thrive, to care for ourselves and our families, we hope to do meaningful work and make a difference, we get spun out some days and shift from being peaceful and centered to a grumpy troll who feels about as peaceful as fireworks.  We all yearn to be fully free, to have a sense of ease in our lives, to feel secure.  And when you step back, the major challenge we all face is fear.

I love how the author says that it is between your SELF and your soul.  So true!  What I've seen in my 10 years of coaching and my own growing pains, is that the main obstacle to our dreams is US.  We get in our own way, whether it is our limited thinking, our playing small, our rationing of love and emotions for special occasions, our choosing anger over compassion, our resistance to our own inner wisdom.

It is of course much easier, as the Rabbi indicates, to place say that you are not living your most bodacious, fulfilling life because of something outside yourself-"I don't have the money to...", "I don't have enough time to...", "I come from a long line of alcoholics/ workaholics / abuse so that's why I can't..."

When we place blame it clears us of personal responsibility.  It gives us permission to not transform ourselves, our lives, and resultantly our world. 

Well, you are capable of much more.  You are capable of knowing your soul and thus, transformation.


It's All You Baby...
The transformation starts with you
.  It is as they say, "an inside job."  If you can move toward love, move toward your soul, the need to blame falls away.  (Note: by "soul" I mean for example, the part of you that stands in awe of the breathtaking landscape at the summit of a mountain feeling small yet completely connected to it all, or that quiet soothing you feel at the edge of the ocean, or that inner nudging that softly suggests taking a break to rest when you are exhausted).

A simple step that you can take today toward transformation, is to raise awareness of when you are inclined to blame, to say the cause of a limitation is an outside source, or to give perfectly good, rational reasons why you can't be free, happy, fulfilled, transformed. 

Resist all temptation to judge yourself for it, just be aware.
Then, take note of the impact.  How does that affect your life?  Your career?  Your family?  Your happiness.  Again, no judgment.  Just explore.

So as we're all on this journey exploring together, yet separately, invite compassion the next time someone in your life is cranky with you, over-reacting, being angry or acting out, and remember it all boils down to this...fear.  Resist being pulled into fear with them, and instead, begin the transformation with love.

Much Joy,


*The article mentioned: Rabbi Rami Shapiro (Why Angels Have Wings) pp. 49-52 Spirituality and Health Jan/Feb 2010 .

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