As I was walking my dogs just now I got to wondering, “How much can I enjoy this moment?  How much can I delight in what I’m doing right now and be no where else but here?”   I got to thinking how I know one day soon I will yearn for this kind of beautiful afternoon.  One day I will yearn for the jingling of two collars as we stroll along with the occasional yank.  One day I will yearn to have access to the peace that I have access to now.  And so in this moment I choose to be all here, now vs. going through the motions of “I have to walk the dogs.”  I’ll enjoy smelling the rich dampness of the earth and hearing the crackling of the leaves as they crunch under foot and tires as cars go by.  I’ll enjoy ALL that this moment offers and trust that I have relished in every bit of bliss from it.