How wise can an 8 year old be?
Pretty wise.
Although I'm not an incredibly competitive person with others, I do get inspired to rise to a challenge.

Yesterday morning Levi woke up tired and cranky and really annoyed, thinking about how he had to run the track in gym class for 30 minutes on Mondays.


When he came home from school, he sheepishly shared that he had run 2 miles during gym and then dropped this wisdom on me....this quote I will use forevermore.

What Levi leaned into is how to rise above the thing we don't want to do, with a different focus and infused with a little fun.
He created another approach and focal point.
He still had to run but he transformed the way he felt about it.

What if we could infuse some fun, some challenge, some self-competition and most of all, a NEW WAY of THINKING about the "thing?"

It might just be a game-changer.