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~ Details & How-To~

Soulful Leadership Group on Insight Timer


I've launched a new Soulful Leadership group for women leaders (and emerging women leaders) to introduce a new style of leadership (that doesn't deplete you and actually amplifies your impact, intuition and overall energy).

This is a really “gentle” way to start getting involved in the conversation of Soulful Leadership. Consider it more of a “participate as you like” resource.

Disclaimer- I'm still learning about all the functionality of Insight Timer Groups- I'll learn more as I go!


  • This GROUP is virtual and you can participate as much or little as you like. It is no commitment, and of course the more you participate, the more likely you’ll benefit. :)

  • In FEED you’ll find posts and music or meditation tracks.

  • LIBRARY: Shared tracks from the FEED can also be found in the library minus any commentary.


  • Members can interact via the FEED within the group as well--it is one long thread.

  • Members can also interact via the CHAT section for more conversation- you can start a chat or join one in progress.

  • GROUP MEDITATIONS: These are audio-only meditations- music/guided track will stream and we meditate together. (Nice to simply "show up" with others.) There is also a chat function during group meditations. There's NO VIDEO element during Group Meditations-- come as you are!


Here are a couple How-To’s videos. Let me know of any questions you have.

  • How to JOIN Soul Moxie Soulful Leadership Group on Insight Timer CLICK HERE (2 min)

  • How to NAVIGATE inside the Group once joined CLICK HERE (2min)

NOTE: Outside of Insight Timer, I’ll be offering some Zoom events soon— so stay in the loop if you want the next level of interaction where we can see and talk to each other. Also you’ll be the first to hear about some “March Madness” Soulful Leader one-off offers!

I hope you'll join in! (Invite a friend!)
√ Start by downloading and creating a free account (paid membership is optional, not required).
√ In the Insight Timer app search for "Soul Moxie- Soulful Leadership for Women" to join (or try this URL
the mobile app is best-- the online portal has less functionality.

See you soon!

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