If You Knew It Was the Last Time...
What Would You Do Differently?

The Cherishing
For whatever reason, one of my all time favorite things is to hear the crickets at night.  There's something about it that makes my heart sing.  I'm not sure if it's because it reminds me of camp, how I love summer, or that I just feel close to nature.  Whatever the case, I delight when I hear the first chirp of the season.  I'm not sure why, but this year I paid close attention, determined to mark the final day of cricket season. 

Though a little silly, it was fun.  Each day I'd sit down on our back step and feel the sunshine on my face and listen carefully for the crickets.  And then I'd smile, grateful for another day with their music.  Though they gradually faded in volume, I was thrilled to enjoy them right up to November 8th.  That's when the weather changed.  For the two weeks leading up that point, I knew that any day might be the last day I heard them.  And so I listened like one might sip a fine wine, savoring their song.  When the time came, I was ready to let them go as I'd relished their full season. 

When it comes as a surprise
Two friends of mine recently experienced unexpected losses-one lost her 40 year-old friend to illness, and the other lost her too young, beloved mother --a DWI victim.   One became acutely aware of how quickly time flies and how easy it is to fall out of touch with friends and those we care about and love.  The other was devastated and in shock, feeling completely unprepared for the loss of her Mom who'd been so involved in her life.

In both cases, it is a most uncomfortable awakening.  No one wants to realize they cherished someone/ thing after it is gone.  Yet it happens all the time.

What would you do differently?
If you knew that today might be the last day of one of your favorite things-your favorite flavor of ice cream, time spent with a loved one, seeing the final leaves of Autumn, what would you do differently?  How might you listen to those you care about?  What would you want them to know?  What would you definitely make time to do, see, be or have?

The holidays are a mixed bag emotionally for many people.  However rather than focusing on feeling blue, how crowded the parking lots are, how annoying other drivers are, how much your family drives you nutty-- instead, take time to get present with what and who you truly cherish.  Make an effort to acknowledge these beloved people/ things in some way and reach out.  You never know when your "cricket season" might come to a close, so until then delight in all that you love, never regretting a missed moment.

About Robin:
Robin Peglow Berg of http://www.soulmoxie.net/ is a Life Fulfillment Strategist --a consultant, coach and speaker devoted to guiding others to have the courage to live a fulfilling life with soul. 

She shows highly driven, successful women entrepreneurs and biz leaders how to create a new model for success that is energizing, deeply meaningful and helps them to thrive no matter what.  She applies 10 years of coaching, consulting and speaking to craft strategic programs for long term success.