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Intuition in Leadership
Intuition is the Mega Leadership skill of the future
~especially for women creatives.

In doubt?

Consider all the ways that intuition plays a role in life and leadership.


You see trends/patterns/insights regarding a shift in the industry that others don’t (until you point it out).
O  You may say “that’s just how I think.” Actually, it’s intuition- it's not readily visible to most, but easy and clear to you.

You “hear” things that people aren’t saying as they talk--the pauses, what they leave out, their subtle tone that is so informative.
O  You might say, doesn’t everyone hear that?” No, they don’t.

You “have a feeling” that a job candidate is incredible “on paper” but for whatever reason if feels wrong to hire them.
O   Instincts? Yes...aka intuition.

You meet someone and instantly feel like you “get” them- who they are, whether they are kind/ fun/ serious/ competitive/ honest, etc. 
O   You say “I’m just lucky at reading people.” Um no, intuition.

All of a sudden, on a walk, an incredible idea pops in your head— a solution to a challenge you’ve been working on.
O   Wait…what? This is intuition? Yes, yes it is.

You feel a strong resistance to scheduling an appointment with someone and when the appointment comes, you/they either unexpectedly have to cancel or the appointment goes poorly.
O   This too?…Yeeees.


Intuition is everywhere in our lives.

It is everywhere in our leadership.


Intuition becomes an incredibly powerful, versatile and efficient tool once we understand its scope, our personal “style” and how to wield it.


*As a “creative” you have an advantage— your brain is already wired in such a way that intuition is a bit "closer." (Anyone can cultivate it— it’s just a bit easier for you.)


What if you could access intuition as needed to:

√  Notice, trust and follow nudges for positive outcomes

√  Resolve decisions you’ve been grappling with (and it feels easy)

√  Choose your best action items daily, weekly, seasonally for peak energy and efficiency

√  Know your right time to make life/biz changes and your right time to wait


It may seem daunting to start looking at leadership this new way.

Remember, rational thought isn't completely abandoned - we integrate it with intuition. Balance.


This approach offers an immense advantage in our ever evolving world.
It is more sophisticated than 
traditional styles of leadership—especially as it relates to increased energy, reduction of burnout and overall sense of flow.



Start noticing how you can relate to the examples I’ve shared (or similar situations.)

Pay attention to "nudges" and observe unspoken communication and unique insights that come easily to you. Track them a bit.

Be open to the idea that you might have an untapped superpower. :)

Above all: Practice trusting yourself.

Trusting yourself is the greatest most worthwhile leap.


If this conversation is enticing to you, I’m your gal!

I am wildly passionate about the everyday use of intuition and helping women to translate their unique intuitive language into solutions, flow and fulfillment, personally and professionally.


Come on, try out a Breakthrough session. You know you want to. :)


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Once approved, I'll share more details.
I hope you'll join me!


Until then, download the free Insight Timer app and explore the thousandsof music tracks, talks and meditations.


Best wishes until next time,


Robin Berg


Insta @robinpberg

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