Intuition's Voice
July 2003

 A Quiet Little Voice
At some point you have likely experienced a “gut feeling.” Whether it was actually in your gut, the back of your mind or in your heart, you had a sense of knowing. Perhaps you acted against your gut and hired a person you felt oddly about, and turned out to be a major flop. Perhaps driving home you took a different route and “coincidentally” there was a major traffic jam on your normal route. Coincidence? Maybe. Intuition? Why not?

A Tool for Daily Living
Intuition can be a powerful tool, giving guidance and insight to choices and actions everyday. Can you survive without your intuition? Of course, but if it makes life easier, why would you want to?

Intuition can support you in a number of ways. It can alert you to unsafe environments, help in decision-making, improve communication, increase positive outcomes, and keep you healthy.

Turn Up the Volume
Intuition wants to be heard and if ignored quiets down. The best way to turn up the volume is to listen to it. Take time to listen and raise your awareness. Similar to muscles in your body, intuition needs practice and strengthening.

Begin by noticing and writing down “coincidences”. Additionally, you can record your “guesses” in advance and see if later they come to fruition. Above all, stop ignoring it. Following your gut results in more confidence, self-trust, and often, life becomes less of a struggle.

Preventing Shut-Down
Elements that cloud or block intuition are worry, fear, anxiety, or anger…any strong emotion that eliminates clarity. Over-stimuli has a similar effect — like when your computer freezes from too many open programs. Information cannot be accessed.

Practice is Perfect
Again, to get the ball rolling, pay attention and practice. If an idea or action gives you a stomach ache, take heed. If you feel calm and confident, or buzzing with excitement, go for it.

When making a decision, take time to yourself. Move to a quiet spot or listen to relaxing music. Then simply ask yourself what to do. Notice how you feel. For me it is near my solar plexus, the space about midway between my belly button and where my ribs merge. The “wrong” decision may feel heavy, anxious, or tight. The “right” decision may feel calm, cool, joyous, or confident. Start small…“Does my body need to eat that?”, “Should I take my normal route home?”, “Is the best launch date for my new idea September 1st?”, “What candidate is the best choice?”

At first you may feel uncertain, even silly. “What if I am wrong?” Who cares? The good thing is you can do it in stealth. No one but you needs to know. Secretly you can master your intuition, and your life, (and perhaps others’ lives) will be the better for it.

Intro to Intuition
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