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When you choose your intentions for a new year, how compelling are they?  You want to FEEL an internal buzz of inspiration when you imagine it coming to fruition. (NOT a willpower push or a “should.”)

In Soulful Leadership we devote to aligning deeply with what matters most--ideas, approaches, actions, relationships that are steeped in our meaningful purpose and sync with our values.

The primary focus is not the doing. It is NOT about being successful because it's “good” for you.


The primary focus is around creating something that feels inspiring, compelling, and impacts your life (and possibly the lives of others) in a significant way. (It all has a ripple effect!)


For the sake of this writing, creating a vision is like crafting a detailed and sensory-rich movie of what you wish to create. 


It is like detailing and then watching the desired aspect of your life being played on a screen in front of you, with you as the leading lady. 


You see yourself experiencing what you desire and your senses are all engaged— all the colors, smells, sounds, sensations, temperature, energy shifts, mood, are part of this vision. Be thorough with all the senses so that when you’re practicing your vision, your entire brain gets lit up!


Here are a few steps to get started

  • Take time to explore and choose your intention/what you wish to create.
    • Perhaps start with a bulleted list of possibilities and see which one “sings” to you a little louder than the others.
    • If you’re not sure where to begin, start by exploring things you’ve always wanted to do, have, express, or become (The WHY is also key!)
  • Make mental/emotional space to BELIEVE it is possible. (So often we get stuck here. We don’t believe it’s possible so we stop.)
    • You may have to create a stepped process- where the first vision is “I’m willing to believe it’s possible to ________.” and imagine that.
  • Step into willingness to RECEIVE your desire. 
    • Imagine what it would be like and what you would do. When it happens, then what? This can be another stuck spot for people— they aren’t used to receiving, feel they don’t deserve it, it’s too much to ask, it’s selfish…la la la. 
    • You must open to receiving- otherwise this silent resistance will keep pushing away all your magnificent possibilities.
  • Detail it out to include ALL the feels. What does it look like, what are you doing in the vision, how do you feel in your body, mind and soul when this becomes real? What does it open for you?
  • Run the vision in your mind/body daily or multiple times a day. FEEL it as if it is true. Really sit with it and imagine it like you’re watching a movie. Over and over again.


This is a massive and fun topic, so start small with one inspired intention, one delicious vision and try it out. There’s no perfect way to do it.


Please reach out if you want a mentor in creating a fabulous, inspiration-worthy vision- I LOVE doing this! 

We often get stuck in feeling like we should do these things on our own. It’s just not true. It’s a great way to practice receiving support in preparation for receiving your vision-come-to-life!


Wishing you much inspiration in your journey to craft compelling intentions, visions and new realities!



Robin Berg



Insta @robinpberg
Insight Timer
YouTube @SoulMoxieLeadership

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