Setting the Stage for Peace

Happy New Year!
(Though not a lot has changed externally, we can celebrate and shift internally!)

There is a swirling dervish of crazy happening at the moment in the world- so much is unsettling.

It's time for some added pockets of peace.
We can “set the stage” for peace, so to speak by taking a few small steps. And then repeating.


Many of us are overwhelmed.  So, the aim is not to add stress but to alleviate it, if only a little bit. Hang with me- it will be simple steps.


We need some tools!

Start simple and build from there.

What if you could insert a little peace into your morning, just to set the tone for the day?

Consider how you start your morning and how it makes you feel.

What do you already do everyday?

Would you be willing to link five minutes of something peaceful to one daily habit/ritual that you already have in place?


A little less than three years ago, when Levi was five, I was exhausted, had back/hip pain that I couldn’t sort out and simply felt like I was stretched too thin.

So I decided to get up 5-10 minutes earlier a day (yes, that’s right, earlier!) and go to the living room with the intention of “me time.” (Because once he was awake my solo time went Poof!)


Some days I literally laid on the floor, too tired to do anything.

Some days I did some PT exercises or a few yoga poses.

Some days I focused on my breath.

Some days I “meditated.” (an expansive interpretation)


Never did I regret getting up early to show up for myself.

I always felt better, like I was honoring some deep sacred part of myself in the dark quiet of the morning.

For me 5-10 minutes made all the difference. I was alone. I was ME--not wife, mama, dog mom, daughter, coach.

And gradually it became a daily retreat, an essential yet decadent slice of “freedom” and peace.

Five minutes became 10-30; one day became many; and now, I’m approaching three years of daily meditation/AM ritual that I treasure. It has honestly been my internal glue this year, and kept me from totally losing it some days. (Now I just lose it 25% of the time LOL!)


There are innumerable things you can do to insert a pocket of peace into your morning while linking it to a habit/ritual you already have in place. (This is by far the easiest way to invite a new practice to your day.)


Ideas: (feel free to modify, get creative, choose a different time of day.)

  • In bed, while waking up, simply breathe with awareness and/or listen to something on the Insight Timer app (thousands of recorded meditations of all lengths and SO much beautiful music!)
  • Brush and floss your teeth while thinking of 10 things you are grateful for.
  • Sip tea/coffee while sitting and looking out the window for (a surprisingly long and restful) 5-10 minutes.
  • Find an inspirational book you like, randomly open to a page and read a few sentences and see how it might support you that day. Look at it right before you get out of bed or after breakfast or _________.
  • After a shower take a couple minutes and massage some yummy smelling (calming? uplifting?) essential oils into your feet and reap benefits for hours.
  • Listen to an inspirational podcast while getting ready for work. (i.e. Spotify: Oprah Super Soul, Dropping in Omega, Dr. Wayne W Dyer, Deepok Chopra Infinite Potential), Iyanla: Fix My Life, Good Life Project)
  • Light a candle at breakfast and make some wishes/intentions for the day.
  • Do a few minutes of stretching after eating breakfast (or walking your dog or....).
  • Lay on the floor and do some full body breathing before/after you get dressed.


And then, notice how you feel each time you insert peace as well as how it supports you over time.


(If you need ideas where to fit a little peace into your day, please reach out and I’ll brainstorm with you!)


AND please be gentle with yourself. 
Celebrate each time you DO practice (rather than being critical when you don't.)

The idea is to show up as often as you can until it becomes part of your rhythm.

No pressure, no judgement.
If you "only" remember two days the first week, so what? Hooray for two!

Every day is a win.

Slow build.

Show up for you.

Show up for peace.


Wishing you all the best in inviting a little peace to your day.

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